purple pineberry strain

Purple Pineberry

Purple Pineberry is specifically refined to thrive outdoors and to be suitable in nearly all climate types, especially where damp can be an issue for other less hardy strains. Traditionally a clone only strain, it has been given the full MSNL treatment and is now available as high quality marijuana seeds.

Bred to reliably deliver the most intense Pine scent then crossed with an award winning blueberry to add a sweet and fruity combination, it smells great throughout its growing cycles and tastes even better however it is used.

As an Indica dominant strain it will grow in the classic “Christmas tree” shape with short internodal distance, thick stems and heavy dense buds. The Indica prevalence means that it produces a strong and deep body stone which can be an excellent stress reliever to help unwind at the end of the day. THC levels are very good regularly testing around the 19.5% mark; Purple Pineberry also has a higher level of CBD at 1.3%.

In most conditions this plant will produce deep green foliage and a purple tinge to the buds. Grown in latitudes above 45% north, where it is exposed to cooler night time temperatures it will grow true to its name, with a dazzling display of indigo and violet through the buds and shade leaves.

Mould resistant and with a good resilience to other pests, this is a great choice for beginners and more expert growers alike. She will take pretty much whatever mother nature throws at her and keep on coming, either indoors or out.

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