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Strain: Purple Monster

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Purple Monster

Purple Monster is an indica strain . It’s origins are currently unknown in our system.


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Indica strain. It’s origins are currently unknown in our system.

A Purple Monster

Grimace aka Grimace OG

This was an unexpected treat to run into. As I walked into Wellness Center of the Rockies I noticed a jar full of pure purple. I anxiously awaited my chance to get to the counter to check out this beautiful strain. An eye catcher named after a terrifying large purple fast food character. But how does she smoke? Through research I found there are two different phenotypes of this strain and they share varying dominance. One is known as the OG Kush pheno and it apparently tends to lean sativa. The other is what I believe we have stumbled upon here. It is known as the grape pheno, leaning slightly indica, and the aroma matches that sentiment. Time to take a deeper dive on this controversial strain.

  • Lineage – Faceoff OG #4 x Purple Urkle
  • Common Terpenes – Alpha-Pinene, Humulene, Myrcene, and Beta- Caryophyllene
  • Smoking Method – High quality flower vaporizer, bong
  • Aroma – I was expecting a bit more out of the aroma with this genetic to be honest. There is a tangible musky, rotten grapes hitting the nose directly. Alongside this strong tone there are hints of mild sweetness with an undertone of pine.

    SCORE – 79

    Flavor – A light touch of rotten berries and herbs swirl around the tongue for a short while upon inhale and exhale. This is pretty fresh flower and I cannot spot anything wrong with it, maybe this is just how she tastes. Which is fairly average to be perfectly fair. It’s not a bad flavor it simply isn’t one I would seek out.

    SCORE – 77

    Visuals – One of the areas where this flower shines definitely rests here. This flower is as purple as purple can get. It’s very obvious there is nothing off here, no Purple Max or any junk like that being used. This is simply how this genetic grows. I’m sure the Colorado environment didn’t hurt anything either.

    Let’s talk about purple weed for just a second. Cannabis turns purple due to a flavonoid called “anthocyanin” that is found throughout botany. This flavonoid is known to cause the pigments of the plant to change into hues ranging from deep reds to blues to purples and even blacks. Notice the word cyan hanging out in that complex scientific word? Makes sense how they named this flavonoid when you remember that cyan is a blue shade. But hey, this is cannabis and we can just call them “purps”.

    There are some beautiful bright greens that stick out here and there and give this flower a very cool contrasting look. Trichome density is quite high and gives this flower a gorgeous sugar coated appeal. These trichomes are milky and fresh. Mild to average pistil coverage shows itself on this cut with fierce orange and tan beauties jotting out of this beautiful, almost black flower!

    SCORE – 91

    Effects – Let’s start off with the fact that this sativa or indica dominance controversy makes a lot of sense. Even on this cut that is definitely an indica hybrid flower. After just a few hits I noticed this strain is going to play with my head in the best of ways. I didn’t even notice actual body effects until the end of the experience.

    A cerebral high sets in quickly after those hits and doesn’t leave. It was not uncomfortable for me in any way. I was very relaxed as a myriad of effects took place shortly thereafter. Euphoria is the name of the game with this fantastic high. I was so happy I couldn’t get this crazy grin off my face. I’m not sure if that’s why there was an interesting effect where the muscles in your jaw get tingly and tighten a bit. It wasn’t worrisome, just noticeable and really cool. Shortly after noticing all of this, it felt as if fingers were massaging my brain. This is enjoyable and an absolute stress killer.

    I can confidently say there is a slight indica dominance here based on the fact that this strain provided a focused alertness amongst all this hazy happiness. There was no extra energy boost, just no lethargy. If I was to make a completely uneducated guess on the taxonomy of this strain I would say she feels about 60% indica max.

    Some of the most fun in recent smoking times came from this experience! I invited a friend to come hang out and chat as I finished up my notes and he noticed my giddiness instantly. He immediately wanted to try this awesome cut from Wellness and we enjoyed a ton of laughter. Video games were nothing short of enjoyable, especially when you’re playing something extremely difficult and just failing over and over. It has never felt more fun to get wrecked, in more than one way. The comedown from this high is gentle yet does add some lethargy and sedation to the experience, letting you know that it’s time to put your toys away and go to bed.

    SCORE – 90

    Possible Medical Uses (no effect on score) – Stress, Depression, Appetite Stimulation

    Note: I will not comment on disorders or medical situations I’ve never experienced. My integrity is telling me otherwise.

  • Negatives (no effect on score)- I can’t recommend this strain for the novice smoker! She hits quite hard and can likely cause paranoia or anxiety in plenty of users without strong caution. No other negatives to mention.
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Final Thoughts and Overall Score

That was quite the journey. If this strain had more potent terpenes I believe she could have been one of my highest scoring reviews yet. Grimace will provide the opposite of the pain-inducing “grimace” we all know, just a big ole smile that will not fade. If you’re into heavy heavy indicas I can’t exactly say this one is for you but it is absolutely worth a shot. This is some of the most fun I’ve had with cannabis in a while. High praise to the growers at Wellness Center of the Rockies yet again. I think these terpenes can be dialed in on future harvests and this score can jump!

I give their Grimace a final score of: 84 of 100

You can find this product and others at:

Wellness Center of the Rockies
6853 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO 80224
Or browse the Menu and Daily Specials at

And as always feel free to DM me on Instagram @gluelover303 and keep updated for upcoming reviews and more!

Disclaimer: I purchase all cannabis I review and am not compensated for my personal insights and thoughts from any dispensary or grow. These are honest reviews.

Marijuana is a very dangerous drug. Some people smoke it just once and go directly into politics.” -Barry Crimmins

Grimace from Wellness Center of the Rockies – Photo Credit: @gluelover303 Grimace aka Grimace OG This was an unexpected treat to run into. As I walked into Wellness Center of the Rockies I noticed a jar full of pure purple. I anxiously awaited my chance to get to the counter to check out this beautiful…

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