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Auto Purple Gorilla feminized seeds

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Auto Purple Gorilla from ShortStuff Seeds is an autoflowering hybrid, available as feminized seeds. Made with potency, yield and delicious taste in mind, it delivers on all fronts, making it a popular choice among cannabis growers since 2017, when it was first introduced. Testing at 23% THC with yields that can reach up to 680g, it is a perfect strain for both commercial and hobby growers.

    Shortstuff Seeds Feminized Autoflowering Outdoor Indoor Clear mind (Gorilla Glue #4 x Auto OG kush) x auto purple amnesia 50 – 100 cm 60 – 280 g/m² indoors 63 – 77 days 23 %

Auto Purple Gorilla: Vigorous And Colorful Monkey

Auto Purple Gorilla is a hybrid cross between Auto Gorilla OG and Auto Purple Amnesia, two of the biggest yielding strains produced by ShortStuff Seeds. Due to its high yield and vigorous and fast growth some support for the branches may be needed in order for them to deal with heavy and resin packed buds. Usually staying under 100cm but if given enough root space and powerful enough light, it can easily grow higher and provide for exceptional yields up to 680g. Not expressed as much as in its Auto Purple Amnesia parent but certain phenotypes will have dark blue and purple color on its buds and leaves, especially if you lower the night temperatures by a few degrees.

  • Usually yields 60-280g per plant;
  • Best grown under 20/4 light cycle and 1000W HPS or equivalent;
  • Finishing in 9 to 11 weeks from seed to harvest.

Extremely Potent And Tasty Source For Extracts And Concentrates

Effect of Auto Purple Gorilla are fast-hitting and long-lasting yet well-balanced between cerebral and body high, still allowing you to do your daily chores, which makes it a great strain to use throughout the day. Due to its high resin production, Auto Purple Gorilla is a good choice for making hash, resin and other concentrates and extracts.

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