purple elephant strain info

Purple elephant strain info

Love it taste great good smell nice break up dense nugs as well cured perfect

I have severe ptsd and i love this strain. I love the aroma it has a hard aromas that sting the nostrils. Its not a mama’s boy strain for beginners or women sorry ladies. The flavor is something like a good bourbon it is an acquired taste one i find outstanding. The big and main. Reason is the effect on ptsd its relaxing and i appreciate that.100% buy this anytime. Excellent bud

A potent Sativa strain of cannabis is Purple Elephant. It is a hybrid that stems from Purple Urkel and Gage Green. It offers THC level of up to 25%. The smell and the taste are both sour and sweet. Consumers either love the way it smells and tastes or they are turned off by it. The buds of Purple…