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Strain Sheet: Purple Drank from Diamond Tree Dispensary (Oregon)

Posted on October 19, 2016 by SueVo in Portland, Reviews // 0 Comments

Purple Drank from Diamond Tree Dispensary

Your name: Adam Rhodes
Strain (name, sativa, indica, any interesting info about it): Purple Drank an indica dominant plant from Riot Seeds. Grown and later stabilized from a line of genetically unstable Girl Scout Cookie clones, Grape Drink by Riot Seeds is a true purple strain. This means that the plant will produce a deep purple color regardless of growing conditions.
The vibrant hues come from a natural overproduction of Anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are a group of around 400 water-soluble pigment molecules that are classed as flavonoids, and appear red, purple or blue according to their pH level. All cannabis produces them naturally but this strain produces enough to unbalance its pigmentation and remain a beautiful purple that leans towards black.
Grower: I picked this flower up from my local Diamond Tree Dispensary.
Onset time (When did you ingest/when did it kick in): I felt the onset of effects within 5 minutes. It started behind my eyes and worked its way over my scalp and down the back of my neck into my spine.
Fade (When do you no longer feel it): 1.5-2 hours
Strength: THC:17.65% CBD: 1.79 This had a surprisingly potent high but was not an not overpowering element when I was working at some activity. Once I was no longer mentally engaged, waves of weariness washed over me.
Tingling (where on your body did you feel it): I felt the high mainly in the skull and behind the eyes. Eventually it spread into my spine.

Control (can you maintain focus, etc): Control was easy to maintain and I was clear headed enough to react to unexpected stress appropriately.
Emotions: Overall a rather relaxed strain without a major mood change associated with it. It was easy to calm down for bed and simply be.
Paranoia: There was no paranoia as I felt in total control and very relaxed/sedated.
Energy level: Low. This flower was a real bedtime strain. It knocked me out in the middle of writing e-mails for a few minutes. I was able to keep myself awake if I stood up and walked around every few minutes but the beckoning of oblivion continued to hover in my periphery as I smoked throughout the day.
Smell: Just sticking my nose into the jar returned a smell of Piney, Sweet, Sour. Once I took out a nug and broke it up to grind, the smell transitioned into a sweet and slightly piney smell. After a good grind, the sweet smelling pulp provided a woody and robust flavor of smoke.
Relieves: Purple Drank is great for relieving tension, pain, and insomnia. A great nighttime strain.
Positives: I loved the relaxing and potent high that this Purple Drank provided, but I was particularly impressed with the overall shape and color of the nugs as well. The deep purple of the bullet shaped nugs was beautiful and the trim job made the color stand out even more.
The trim was outstanding and stood out compared to all of the other products on the shelf next to it. I had to just state at the nugs for a long time before smoking them.
Negatives: Can be overly sleepy for times when being aware is important. The overall relaxation associated with this strain made remaining alert difficult.
The incredible density of the flower made nug stuffing feel foolish. The nugs were so dense it was almost impossible to even draw air through the piece without breaking them up.
Other notes: The whole flower burned down to a clean light grey powder when ground. There was no evidence of residual nutrients left in the flower.

Purple Drank from Diamond Tree Dispensary Your name: Adam Rhodes Strain (name, sativa, indica, any interesting info about it): Purple Drank an indica dominant