purple bomb strain

Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain Review:
Purple Bomb

Is this indica strain . the (purple) bomb?

Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer

Packaging: First Impressions

Purple Bomb is cultivated out of Akron, Ohio by Galenas. We’ve already taken a look at Forbidden Zkittles. Packaging between the two strains is virtually identical, save for the testing info found on the back of the package. Patients will be treated to blue sealed bag, smaller than the traditional bags on the Ohio market. Patients can’t see the cannabis they are buying, and the packaging can be a little difficult to open, but outside of those minor issues, this is an excellent presentation!

Galenas cannabis is Certified Kind, which means that their cannabis is 100% organic — a rarity in the cannabis market, let alone in Ohio! And with the vaping crisis still sweeping folks into hysteria, Galenas could not have picked a better time to enter the market with clean, fresh, organically grown medical marijuana.

Cannabis Look: Out of the Bottle​

Purple Bomb is a real stunner up close, with a rich array of colors, from bright amber hues to inky pine greens. Each cola lives up to its name, accented by an explosion of deep, rich purples. The color reminded me a purple candy. This imagery is aided by the shimmering trichomes that reflect the purple as light is shined on the cola.

Buds themselves are on the small side, with colas ranging between the size of a pea up to the size of a nickel. Patients with hopes of holding a nug larger than a silver dollar will be disappointed.

As I’ve stated before — smaller nugs do not always translate to less potent cannabis. Rather, it simply makes grinding much easier. But if you dig a larger cola, this one isn’t for you.

That said, Purple Bomb is one of the more colorful strains I’ve encountered on the Ohio medical cannabis market.

How Does It Grind?

Purple Bomb grinds up rather quickly and easily. This strain is a bit of a giving tree strain, too. I placed six colas into my grinder and got enough cannabis for about 3 bowls for vaping. That’s not too bad!

Patients should be able to achieve a good consistency with only a half dozen turns or more.

Smell Before Vaping

Sadly, I wasn’t impressed with the smell of this strain. I’m not always a fan of overly cheesy smelling strains, and Purple Bomb leans heavily on the cheese, almost like a fresh grilled cheese sandwich – a dash of butter, grilled bread, and melted American cheese. Squeeze the bag and it wafts right at you, strong and pronounced. There is also a slight undercurrent of citrus and diesel that trails the overwhelming cheese odor, but it’s not my favorite combination by any stretch.

The profile for Purple Bomb suggests it would taste akin to grape, magnolia and orange. This became a little more clear upon vaping further bags, but was always a little masked by the other aromas.

Just so we are all clear — this cannabis doesn’t smell “bad,” as in mold or mildew, nor does smell translate to ineffective cannabis. This strain simply smells, quite strongly, like cheesy cannabis. And while some patients may really love the aroma of this strain, it wasn’t my favorite.

The Taste Test

I vaped this medical cannabis with an Arizer ExtremeQ vaporizer. I like to start my first bag at a lower temperature to open the terpenes, and work up to a higher temp to vaporize the cannabinoids.

Would the cheesy aroma of Purple Bomb translate to a cheesy taste? I often find that cheesy cannabis strains don’t usually contain a prominent dairy taste when vaped. Thankfully, Purple Bomb is no different. There is a slight cheese taste on the tongue after vaping, but it was mild compared to the aroma of the unvaped bud.

Here, patients will be a treated to a subtle mixture of tastes beginning with a faint earthy flavor akin to clove or even cardamom spices, followed by a delicate balance of citrus and pine notes. The aftertaste slips in some cheese on the lips, along with just a hint of fishy aroma, like the fish sauce found in Pad Thai.

This wave of flavors was certainly interesting, though not as striking as Forbidden Zkittles, which leaned more on the citrus notes. This flavor is more akin to an earthy, spicy cannabis, though more subtle than the usual suspects, like Whip It.

I would suggest a glass of coffee with this strain, or something equally earthy and subtly rich. A glass of dry red wine or even an IPA would also be delightful alongside this one.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Purple Bomb Is this indica strain . the (purple) bomb? Review & Photos by: Randy Shaffer Packaging: First Impressions Purple Bomb is cultivated