pure og kush strain

Pure og kush strain

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This a Top shelf Bag! Felt that haziness vision with no pain. Definitely the truth.

Pure OG is also known as Pure Kush & what I had was by Bare Farms. Hard, slightly sticky, yellow green buds with burnt orange pistils & plenty of fine sandy trichomes. Sweet, citrus, earthy, kushy, & pine was the smell & taste. Effects made my mind happy & my body completely relaxed & sleepy. Happiest Of Sedation’s!!

My Pure OG (AKA: Pure Kush) is an Indica containing 24% THC by Inhalence. The full buds are neon lime in color with burnt orange hairs & a nice layer of crystal trichomes. A piney, earthy, kush, is the scent & flavor. The effects made me happy, relaxed, & sleepy. Said good-bye to tension with this strain. Best used at the end of one’s day when the work is done because of the heavy sedation. 4 plus stars! Medicate On.

Phenomenal. How have I not really heard of this? Also, this allbud review page has better info for this strain than the other big review site. That said, since there are only three reviews here so far, I thought I’d add mine. While (cough) Leafly says this is from OG Kush, which, technically, it is; however, it is by way of an SFV OG Kush backcross. This [SFV OG KUSH] is not to be confused with straight up SFV OG (Non-KUSHY), SFV OG KUSH, the parent of Pure OG, is an SFV OG crossed with Afghani. I feel like the Afhgani comes through on this in the quality of the high (Almost G13 like). As one review said, “It hits you like Tahoe OG.” Well said. It does. I think this may have real medical value for pain, as many users online have reported. The olive color is apparent. Smell is amazing. Nugs I got were tight but fluffy. Taste is decidedly plant-like with a bit of SFV OG reminiscent mintiness. My nerve pain is gone. Listening to ‘The Fruitful Darkness’ by Trevor Hall. Great album. Great strain. Praise to the MOST HIGH (moi).

Pure OG, also more commonly known as “Pure Kush,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain that is a SFV OG Kush inbred. Much like its parent strain, Pure OG has a classic aroma of dank nutty earth with a sweet kushy hint that's slightly pungent when the nugs are broke…