pure love strain

Pure love strain

Absolutely my favorite strain I’ve only been using MMJ a year now and I think I’m a seasoned vet already LOL this strain gives me all the energy I could possibly want for the morning and then before bed it knows I’m about I’m trying to relax it feels like a electric blanket that’s warm on a cold night can’t find marijuana this good anywhere else please try this stuff it’s insane

It’s the BEST! I had some distillate and I took .25mg sublingually and fell asleep for about an hour and when I woke up I felt GREAT! I still had the same old aches and pains but they were nowhere near as bad as usual and I had a lot more energy. It was the best 10 hours or so that I have had in 10 years. Unfortunately, I live in PA and it’s difficult to get the same strain twice here and the nearest dispensary is 60 miles away. Clemintine is another strain I like but it’s also difficult to get.

I got this strain as an R.S.O. at a 2:1 cbd/thc and used mainly as an edible. I loaded some in a distillate cart and it tasted nasty and was harsh. The effects from injestion were quite soothing, helped with pain and my horrible anxiety, but I still had to hit my heavy Indica cart a few times to get my rage, extreme anger, and ptsd issues. I need a 1:1 for my needs.

The Pure Love in Illinois by Revolution is a 3:2 CBD to THC ratio. Awesome strain and very effective for neurological conditions, fibromyalgia, and related disorders. I hope they can update and add this variation on the strain.

Pure Love is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created created in Colorado and is a cross between Pure Kush X Uzbekistan Hashplant X Purple Diesel. With this bud the name says it all – a moderately high 14-19% THC level blends with an insanely euphoric long-lasting high for a beautiful experi…