primus strain

Primus strain

Primus has nice light green dense buds, with orange hairs speckled.The one thing I noticed was the rancid cheese smell upon opening my bag. The high hits cerebral at first with a slight spark then pow straight to the body although leaving the head with a euphoric stoney buzz. The taste upon exhale was skunky with a touch of berries. Great strain I recommend if you haven’t tried this ???AAA.

Favorite Sativa : Durban Poison Favorite Indica : Primus

Primus Sucks! Best fans ever. Didn’t want to fall in love with my Primus OG. Didn’t want anyone accusing me of extolling it’s merits simply because the strain had the same name as the best band in rock. I tried to find something wrong with it. I thought surely this much Indie would put me bye bye too quickly. I prefer a more even 60/40 hybrid as I have a lot to do. But, Primus did not end me, too quickly anyway. Do a hit of Primus and WAIT. It does not come out rocking, but after a while, it will punk out on your brain, but without being too scary. Smoke it with friends. While providing a euphoric rush it also helps you feel, well, good, physically. Eventually, you slow down. Good evening weed, but don’t handle heavy machinery or talk politics. Listen to Primus and jump around instead. A second toke will likely get you pumped for a while, again, but be sure you get the dishes done because it’s bed time and goblin dreams shortly. Only neg is I did not care for the burn. Found nugs to break into dust too easily and had that melting effect when lit. Good complex flavors and nice pungent odors. A very smooth finish. One of my favorites now. I don’t want weed that is too overwhelming but Primus OG has a good long lasting kick and is plenty exciting but BALANCED.

The first thing I have been saying, since trying this tasty bud, when I walk into my usual dispensary is “You guys got any Primus in stock?”. For me, it is everything I want- strong but not paranoid-feeling high, relaxing but not putting me to sleep and not so lazy, I don’t want to do anything. I find it burns nice in the bowl and you don’t have to burn it to death so I can control the hit better.(in other words, it has enough air spaces in the bud for a perfect burn).. Makes me feel happy and goofy but not uncontrollably so. Appetite is neutral. Good social high.

Primus, or “Primus OG,” is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain created through a three-way cross of the infamous Trainwreck X Arcata X 303 OG strains. Primus packs a long-lasting euphoric high that is both energetic and relaxing without being too overwhelming in both …