power kush strain

Power kush strain

Beautiful elevated feeling for better part of an hour then classic Indica body relaxation. Mood stays high (great for depression) without making me manic (BP 1). No anxiety which is absolutely essential for me. 24% THC gets and keeps me high for quite a while. Can get work done, but feel unusually sociable and talkative. Definitely good for someone who gets anxious about getting things done perfectly. Great for social anxiety. A bit of paranoia but no more–actually less than usual (only high CBD kills that). Just tell myself I’m paranoid because I’m stoned it evaporates. Feel very positive about life and other people. Nice change for this old stoner curmudgeon.

This is an amazing strain! I love this for anxiety. This strain will go either way and always gentle! If I’m watching tired, it helps me sleep. If I am outside it mellows me out and keeps me active so I can enjoy the day. A great strain for social and any anxiety, def my favorite!

Power Kush is a very popular indica-dominant hybrid that was born in Amsterdam and is found mostly in Northern California (the sativa/indica ratio of this strain is unclear). With THC levels above 19%, Power Kush is a highly potent choice for the treatment of anxiety, low mood, migraines and othe…