power flower strain

Power Flower

Power Flower is an almost pure sativa plant that the result of carefully searching and selections. It contains 88% sativa and 12% indica genetics. This variety comes from South Africa and brings a potent high.

This feminized plant grows up to 1m in height inside and to 2m outside. The strain is easy to grow and suits for mild, warm climate such as in California or Italy. It is not reccomended to grow it in nothern regions.

The plant produces decent yields of massive buds and suits for commercial growers. The harvest comes in 8-9 weeks of flowering and brings crops of 500 – 550 gr/m2 under a 600 W light indoors or in sunny areas outdoors. The strain is ideal for SOG and SCROG.

The smoke brings sweet and sour flavors with notes of lemon, lime and fresh pine. The smooth effect brings energetic and active experiance.

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