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Polar Dawg is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain created through a cross of the insanely powerful Chemdawg X Snow Lotus strains. With a heavy THC level of 15-21% and long-lasting effects that are surprisingly well-balanced in nature, Polar Dawg is definitely a bud that you have to try at least once. The high hits you hard with an almost immediate rush to the head of uplifted energetic effects that offer creative inspiration and a complete sense of happiness. As the high builds, you’ll slowly settle into a deep relaxation that wraps around your entire body with a warming buzzy effect.

This body buzz slowly fades into deep sedation that leaves you couch-locked and calm, although not sleepy. Because of these effects, Polar Dawg is perfect for treating conditions such as Chronic Pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. This bud has a pungent harsh flavor of sweet pine and a touch of ammonia. The aroma is very skunky and pungent with a sharp chemical overtone that will make your eyes water if you inhale too deeply. Polar Dawg buds have lumpy popcorn-shaped light minty green nugs with clear hairs and a thick super frosty coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.

Polar Dawg is an indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain created through a cross of the insanely powerful Chemdawg X Snow Lotus strains.

This is a high that knocks you off of your feet right from the jump. Although it brings a somewhat energetic beginning, this is one where you’ll want a couch near at all times, just in case. Polar Dog by Bodhi Seeds is a generous mix of two intense strains, Chemdawg and Snow Lotus, and is a surprisingly balanced bud that will leave you both relaxed in body and alert in mind. With moderate THC levels of 15% to 21% being considered normal, Polar Dog offers users an uplifting cerebral high that is only overshadowed by the powerful indica buzz. This super skunky plant produces popcorn shaped, bright green nugs that are covered in fiery hairs and a thick coat of white trichomes.

Because of its flavorful yet odorous parentage, users can expect a strong palette rich in chemical flavors that have a tendency to burn the eyes if inhaled too quickly. The high hits fast and hard, though it builds over time so novice users may need to take it slowly until they understand their limits. Polar Dog will effortlessly overtake your senses and leave you feeling calm and euphoric. Your body will loosen and creative juices will flow. This is a great strain for artists as it keeps you grounded but motivated. This bud is best smoked after a work day or in the early evening as it fades into a heavy couch lock and it is difficult to do much on the comedown. For medicinal uses, this strain is recommendable because of its immediate rush of euphoria. It is often used to treat mild to moderate depression and stress as well as mild cases of fatigue and pain. It is good for the treatment of anxiety, bipolar, and ADHD, however, in large doses can become overwhelming and have an adverse effect on those ailments. This is an easy grow with plants reaching between 3 and 5 feet. It flowers easily indoors or out, though she has an extremely strong scent. If discretion is the name of the game, this is not a good choice. Polar Dog flowers in 9 to 10 weeks for indoor systems or in early to mid-October for outdoor growth. In either condition, it is an extremely high yield. This super strong strain lives up to all of the expectations a strain with this lineage might have.

It is strong, well balanced and incredibly useful to the medical field. Recreational users love the soothing yet creative high as it leaves space to let your lazy out, while still keeping you alert and ready to tackle your next artistic endeavor.

Polar Dog is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by House of Funk. This strain is known for its long lasting and potent effects. It can treat Chronic Pain, fatigue, insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety. The strong pungent taste is ammonia like with sweet pine. Its aroma is pungent, skunky and chemical. The plant boasts light mint green buds that are lumpy, sahped like popcorn, carry clear hairs, and plenty tiny, frosty white crystals. Polar Dog strain is recommended for evening use. Type of High Polar Dog cannabis strain gives both body and cerebral effects. It starts with an euphoric rush that is very energetic, motivating and happy. As you are creative and inspired, the body buzzes and relaxes. You are sedated, couch locked and calm. Genetics Breeder: House of Funk. AKA: Polar Dawg. Strain Lineage: Polar Dog cannabis strain comes from a cross between Chemdawg and Snow Lotus strains. Indica / Sativa Ratio Indica Dominant Hybrid (25% Sativa / 75% Indica)

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