polar dawg strain

Basic info about Polar Dawg

House of Funk Genetics Flowering: ±67 days mostly indica

A massive production Chem hybrid, Polar Dawg contains the largest yielding phenotypes of our current releases. Snow Lotus work has produced uniform structure through its crosses, but also allows the expression of subtle and unique terpene profiles to shine through, including some very “OG” like characteristics with this cross. Vigorous growth gives way to the production of large resinous buds, requiring support much earlier than most plants. Polar Dawg has power along with its menacing profile. capable of producing both bark, and bite.

Genetics: Chem 3 Clone x Snow Lotus (bodhiseeds)
Outdoor Harvest: Early/Mid October (Central Coast California)
Characteristics: Consistent growth structure and profile, large yielding, many phenos have extremem potency, highly resinous, unique “OG like” terpene profiles can be found
THC: 16-21% in the phenos tested by the HOF crew
Product Weight: Lbs 2.25+ lbs per meter square
Type: 75% Indica 25% Sativa
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks indoor, early-mid October (outdoor, CA)
Plant Structure: Extremely vigorous, uniform branching, average heights
Flowers: Heavy buds, extremely resinous, pungent aromas

All info about the marijuana strain Polar Dawg from the breeder House of Funk Genetics!