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Pink Candy Strain

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Pink Candy Strain Product Review

Pink Candy Strain, sometimes referred to as Pink Candy Kush, is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is bred by New420guy Seeds. It’s a cross between two other extremely popular strains of cannabis, Cotton Candy, and Stinky Pinky.

If you’re searching for a nice afternoon bud, then Pink Candy could be just what you’ve been looking for.

If you like sativa-dominant strains of cannabis, then Pink Candy could be the perfect strain for you. With strong genetics, this sativa strain has proven to be immensely popular with cannabis users across the United States.

It has a sugary and sweet flavor profile, which makes it great as a dessert strain if you like sweet buds. The aroma of the Pink Candy Strain is a combination of fruit and citrus and reminds you of that awesome pink lemonade that you used to drink as a kid.

Incredibly popular, the Pink Candy Strain offers the consumer a sweet tasting, mellow high that enables you to carry on your day as normal | The Highest Crop