pineapple cookies strain

Pineapple Cookies Strain – Indica Dominant Hybrid

70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Long Lasting, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Muscle Spasms, Stress
Flavours: Nutty, Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical
Aromas: Earthy, Fruity, Nutty, Pineapple, Tropical

Product Description

Pineapple Cookies Strain is a cross between Pineapple OG Kush and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, grown in the popular cannabis region of Humboldt County in California. The high contains a strong cerebral boost providing a euphoric feeling along with a creative wave, promoting you to finish off that to-do-list. As the high continues a sense of relaxation takes over with a strong feeling of being lethargic, leaving the effects of the hyrbid well balanced and well intact. Those who use Pineapple Cookies strain for medical use find it helps with things such as stress, depression and fatigue. Best smoked during the afternoon or during a lazy weekend.

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132 reviews for Pineapple Cookies Strain – Indica Dominant Hybrid

levidonley (verified owner) – March 26, 2021

Its a decent smoke and priced correctly when on smokin’ deals. I probably wouldn’t purchase again at regular price.

kaya1999 (verified owner) – March 25, 2021

Tasted and felt most enjoyable:)

shanesaunders2 (verified owner) – March 17, 2021

Very nice. I like.

jcourtney_82 (verified owner) – March 16, 2021

kajal_singh93 (verified owner) – March 15, 2021

Tasty and smooth

john-sm (verified owner) – March 10, 2021

nice smell and flavour , could’ve been a lil bit stronger

dave11976 (verified owner) – March 8, 2021

tragic101 (verified owner) – March 7, 2021

One of my new favorite

lzoppa (verified owner) – March 5, 2021

jennhubbs (verified owner) – February 28, 2021

Good bedtime smoke

pfiddes (verified owner) – February 27, 2021

fruity with a nice relaxed buzz

seanmench (verified owner) – February 26, 2021

Nice dense Bud’s covered in Crystal Good for a decent buzz. Worth a try especially if you can get it on sale.

Jayme Wismer (verified owner) – February 25, 2021

Nice buds and great taste

rosswinston03 (verified owner) – February 25, 2021

Very good would buy again

education4all (verified owner) – February 23, 2021

Great at bedtime. Made me very sleepy.

dragonfly_0630 (verified owner) – February 22, 2021

I found this strain an easy smoke to sit back and watch a movie with.
Will. Purchase again

xboxinfected09 (verified owner) – February 14, 2021

I liked the taste it was nice and pretty good feelin

qaqaqa987 (verified owner) – February 14, 2021

Awesome one of my favourites so far so good

biancalaqua (verified owner) – February 12, 2021

pfiddes (verified owner) – February 11, 2021

really great taste and a good buzz

pfiddes (verified owner) – February 11, 2021

tasty with a strong buzz

i.metelitsa (verified owner) – February 8, 2021

it tastes sweet!

cannabisheadquarters (verified owner) – February 6, 2021

I love this product! Cheap and good.

daphneehamel-2555 (verified owner) – February 1, 2021

B88R88 (verified owner) – February 1, 2021

Not the prettiest but great flavour

johnbreau987 (verified owner) – February 1, 2021

betweenthenarrows (verified owner) – January 30, 2021

jeremycransom (verified owner) – January 28, 2021

Not bad for the sale price

saint_red2005 (verified owner) – January 19, 2021

Smokes nice . Came in one big chunk

smalebrun (verified owner) – January 14, 2021

Nice mellow high with great taste

sarahlynnhancock95 (verified owner) – January 14, 2021

I really liked it

reaper.son (verified owner) – January 11, 2021

Taste very clean. Hits smooth, buds are very dense. And burns clean in a j.

t_moran1984 (verified owner) – January 7, 2021

Really nice look,smell and burn. Will try again!!

tonyaguilfoyle (verified owner) – January 7, 2021

Don’t usually go for indica but decided to try some and was very pleased. Great bedtime smoke ?

rborder9 (verified owner) – December 26, 2020

Definitely only purchase when on smokin deals then it’s not bad for the price

Dr Raczka (verified owner) – December 23, 2020

Buds are similar to picture, machine trimmed, a lot missing from buds , smells and tastes as described will rebuy

N.Robertson (verified owner) – December 22, 2020

Good bud when on sale.

meatismurder-productions (verified owner) – December 20, 2020

With a 30% off this is absolutely amazing stuff.

goodwinl (verified owner) – December 18, 2020

Excellent weed for the price!!

atombomb7 (verified owner) – December 14, 2020

Pretty weak smoke, but the price is decent with discount.

Prince of Dankness (verified owner) – December 11, 2020

Great taste and a great price point.

saint_red2005 (verified owner) – December 5, 2020

Looks good smells good and teast good.. Will buy again

ryan_horner (verified owner) – November 19, 2020

Nuggets are nice and frosty. Can’t go wrong here.

shaunmclaughlin30 (verified owner) – November 17, 2020

One of my new favorites

raven-lady420 (verified owner) – November 10, 2020

Always a favourite

brian (verified owner) – October 16, 2020

Very good for the price. nice nugs

julie.deko157 (verified owner) – October 8, 2020

Totally worth it

starchild (verified owner) – October 2, 2020

smells amazing! – crazy potency! – Sleep well, deeply rested!

Fb13 (verified owner) – September 20, 2020

Good light weed day smoking

kajal_singh93 (verified owner) – August 25, 2020

Nice nugs, good smoke and nice high! Good price to

ashley-mair (verified owner) – August 22, 2020

Great buy, good quality! Definitely will be buying again

fastmike (verified owner) – August 18, 2020

Wonderful weed that tastes as it is named and imparts a nice, uppity high.

jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner) – August 16, 2020

Nice taste. Nice high

jenn.bergy1321 (verified owner) – August 10, 2020

What a beautiful high. Spicey and smooth.

kieytrist (verified owner) – August 3, 2020 (verified owner) – July 30, 2020

Mouth watering when I first smelled the buds. The vape experience was mesmerizing. Fruity and sweet tasting, gotta be my favorite strain yet! LOVE IT!!

mikiestone (verified owner) – July 30, 2020

Looks good! Smells good!

cab911 (verified owner) – July 30, 2020

Pineapple Cookies Strain is a cross between Pineapple OG Kush and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Buy Online Today!