pillow factory strain

Pillow Factory

Alchimia presents Pillow Factory, a feminised Indica dominant cannabis plant with a strong structure, an ideal strain for beginners and more experienced growers.

Pillow Factory cultivation

This cross between Black Fire and Mandarin Sunset, two award-winning plants in cannabis events, results in a fast flowering Indica dominant hybrid. Pillow Factory harvest will be ready in just about 60 days, producing compact and sticky buds, with a leaf/calyx ratio that will greatly help the manicuring work after harvest.

This vigorous and solid Indica hybrid is easy to cultivate, producing a large number of secondary branches. It is ideal for applying cultivation techniques such as SCROG or LST. The internodes are short, so we can obtain large buds. It develops some different phenotypes, producing plants sometimes larger than others, but always offering abundant and striking harvests.

Pillow Factory Consumption

Pillow Factory is pleasant to grow and also during consumption. This Indica dominant plant offers a very relaxing effect, ideal for resting after a long day. It helps in our appetite and to fall asleep.

Its delivers intense flavours lasting a long while in the mouth. Its quality and organoleptic power offers a deep lemon base accompanied by spicy notes, with variations depending on the phenotype.

Ethos Genetics presents this feminised Indica dominant variety, Pillow Factory, ideal to relax after a long working day.