pez strain

Pez strain

I’m a boutique grower in Santa Clara County, the Valley of Hearts Delight. I just happened to buy a Pez clone locally. With 14 hours of sun and high end organic nutrients, Pez created a MONSTER ginormous plant. I’ll get over 3 pounds of tight, huge buds from one plant. The scent is like candy and sublime. Buds caked in trichomes. I’m waiting for a proper curing for a smoke test.

Been working outdoors with the Pez here in Mendo for past 5 years, have it crossed into Platinum as well as a few other OG’s and a few Cookie crosses. It’s a very beautiful plant, smells and looks great. Good to see more reviews and knowledgeable comments, this one is a keeper and a good cross breeder.

A sweet aroma of candy accounts for the name of this hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 50:50. That even balance makes for a complex mix of cerebral and physical effects. The body buzz is calming and euphoric, while the cerebral high is clear-headed, creative, energetic, and focused. It…