peanut butter gelato strain

Peanut butter gelato strain

Peanut Butter Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC: 20%

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Doesn’t smell like peanut butter but sure has nutty notes throughout the entire smoke. Leaves throat cakey not achey!

Semi strong remind me of crunch n munch for the taste i like it doe if it was stronger it would of been a 5

Just tried it for the first time. Yes it smelled like a jar of p-butter. Initially I was skeptical. It looked kinda spindly and sparse. But one puff into it, I got a head rush on the exhale, finished a bowl. It gave me a spurt of energy as well as a nice head buzz.

Just had it 4 the first time. Im a regular smoker and this really hits the sweet spot. Very hazy, happy high. I moving arond my house like a cloud ! Go for it.

Smoother than a fresh jar of skippy. Everything about this strain is top shelf.

Good high. Head buzz and relaxing. Not the strongest. Nothing near a hallucination or craziness. Accurate description

Just absolutely outrageous! I’m feeling a crazy head high n just like a God damn crackhead I don’t like it. But for the description, couldn’t get anymore accurate. Love it but hate it.

Was a fun time. at first. Holy shit was I fucked up, I started seeing people and dogs. I imagined a scene on the side of the building, I thought I was going to die. I was so scared, I definitely can’t handle any sativa. I woke up the next morning still foggy and anxious from smoking so much. I felt like a fucking crackhead.

I still have seeds from the original peanut butter and I just harvested a round of it. These descriptions are halfway accurate. I wish I could post pictures here 2 show you what the strain actually looks like. How it got the name I will never know because it does not resemble the smell of peanut butter.. it IS quite earthy though. Also your THC content description is wrong my seeds came with a 28% THC rating.. and I’ll be goddamned if it isn’t.?

Peanut Butter, also known as “Peanut Butter Kush,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain with unknown parentage due a general lack of information about its heritage. Nonetheless, this bud has a smell that’s said to be just like a freshly opened jar of peanut butter with jus…