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Peach Puree CBD feminized seeds

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Peach Puree CBD cannabis strain is a Sativa/Indica hybrid with a great therapeutic potential. This beautiful plant grows very fast – it needs only 55-60 days of bloom to become fully mature and bring a generous harvest of 500 gr/m². The effect is mild and calm, without an intense buzz or psychedelic experience.

    G13 Labs Feminized Photoperiod Outdoor Indoor Medical mixture Sweet Diesel x Orange 500 g/m² indoors 1000 g/plant outdoors 55 – 60 days 5 % 10 %

The Peach Puree CBD marijuana seeds were created by backcrossing two high-quality strains. G13 Labs mixed Sweet Diesel with The Orange to create perfect hybrid with high CBD content. This Sativa-dominant lady shows 1:2 THC to CBD ratio (5%/10%). Growers who prefer gentle effect suitable for everyday using will find this strain a real treasure.

Peach Puree CBD – Fast & Tall Cannabis Doll

Being a Sativa-dominant hybrid this strain can grow tall up to 200 cm. Despite its Sativa heritage and structure this lady flowers very fast and harvest is ready after 55-60 days of bloom. Growers can expect generous yields up to 500 gr/m² if growing indoors. Outdoor plants bring amazing 1000 grams per bush. In general the growing process is quite simple and uncomplicated so every farmer can handle it.

  • Forms long side branches;
  • Suitable for ScrOG, Topping and Defoliation;
  • Leaves can obtain purplish color at the end of the blooming stage.

Peach Puree CBD – Natural Medicine

The Peach Puree CBD cannabis strain suits well for growers with therapeutic needs as it can be used for treating stress, depression and fatigue. What is more, it is an effective remedy for insomnia, anxiety and muscle tension. Due to high CBD content, this marijuana provides a calming effect without any psychoactive impact – only nice uplifting and creative feelings. The odor and taste is super delicious – Peach Puree CBD amazes growers with a yummy citrus flavor alongside with peachy hints.

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