orange strain

Orange strain

Its really useful and amazing. It helps me get shit done.

Any strain with Kush in it’s name is generally going to have an earthy,hashy taste (Hindu Kush. mountain terrain indica plants)with whatever it’s crossed with..This case Cali Orange Bud a sativa leaning pheno of Skunk #1 that isn’t citrusy. it’s orange/tangerine tasting. It def is indica dominant and like any Kush will eventually Knock you out..If you want more of the uplifting creative effects micro dose and wait 30-45 min. Also growers all have their own techniques so not all bud is equal. My Orange Kush is so luscious and tasty it smells of sunny delight and traditional Kush funk. Perfect for after dinner sesh to send you to la la land. My pics are the two iced out best pics by miles on here. They are just #drippy. And anyone who get’s paranoid try smoking less, eating something and wait. If still paranoid CBD gummies, pebbles, will get rid of any weird feelings with in 15 min. I take 10mg to offset a vibe i’m not vibing with.

The sativa genes of OG Kush and the indica genes of Orange Bud were blended to form Orange Kush, allegedly an indica-dominant hybrid (reports on the sativa/indica ratio of this strain are unreliable at best). The flavor is tangy and citrusy while the smell has strong, sweet notes of orange. The b…