orange juice strain

Orange Juice

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Orange Juice taste wonderfully good. Tingling spiciness without the cough. Sweet and bitter taste. And signature orange smell. Overall it is like orange marmalade. Very enjoyable smoke.

Effect came very fast. Quick sativa hit. And it was not a weak effect. Medium strength hit. Then the stone follows in an hour or so. The high did not last too long and was not too strong. Over all, it is a middle of the road high that get the job done.

Despite great taste, the biggest news is susceptibility to mold. I was able to collected a small sample of the flower. The rest rotted. Sure 80% humidity in 36 degree temperature is difficult. On the other hand, I am spoiled by high resistance polyploid strains growing next to Orange Juice.

Over all is: 7 – I rather grow other strains that can be more productive with my set up.
10 for taste. 8 for effect. 7 for high variability on phenotypes despite easy vegging. 3 for low resistance and difficult care during flowering.

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