orange 43 strain

Orange 43 strain

To everyone that is confused because there Disp. has it down as a sativa? Its because it is one or at least a hybrid leaning that direction. I find this website to be misinformed or just blatantly wrong. When I used to find it a great reference to becoming familiar with different strains, now to be completely backwards to every strain of flower that I have bought in this state PERIOD!

The Orange 43 is actually an Indica because of the high Myrcene although the Terpinolene close to being a Hybrid. Picked up some from NUWU in Las Vegas. One of my favorites for sure. Shout out to ALI at NUWU

Orange 43 by Local Cannabis Company is an Sativa (not Indica) Dominate Hybrid containing 22% THC. Buds are full & green with brown pistils & frosty crystal trichomes. Earthy citrus & orange zest are the beautiful smells & tastes. Effects uplifts spirits & calms nerves. Enjoy Your Green Privilege.

Got an eighth at NuWu in Las Vegas. 30.55%THC Bohemian Brothers Excellent taste and fresh citrus notes. Appealing and awesome scent. This one is great for pain depression muscle spasms and neuropathy and to Medicate and enjoy. This is definitely in my top five highly recommended.

Oddly I bought a cart of this and it too said sativa??‍♂️. But it’s a great strain very relaxing with a nice heady buzz. Still have energy to do stuff though!

Just got some from my despensary but they have it down as a Sativa. Anyway the high definitely felt more like a Sativa it gave me energy. Awesome strain. High in thc so not for beginners.

One of my favorites so far great one to look at under the glass at 30 ×.

Cerebral , Potent , Quick hitter , Strawberry Fields , Monroe , Oh

Took a few minutes to really start to feel it. I used a vaporizer (Crafty fwiw) and by the fourth hit I started to feel it. By the 6th hit, I really started to feel it, a very noticeable head high yet oddly my focus remains fairly sharp to follow conversations etc. I like it, gives me a decent overall relaxed feeling physically, but then gives a solid head high with decent concentration. I don’t think I’d use this strain for sleep inducement. I think it would be a great social/activity strain despite it being a 70/30 Indica leaning strain. Yeah, I am messing with some music atm, and my mind is completely zoned in on what I am making. So for me, this is a really nice strain to include with any social activities as well as more introspective/introverted focus, if that makes any sense. My mind is clear with a relaxing head high over top it, best way to describe it. I want to add, I have chronic back issues, this strain doesn’t seem to erase the pain, but it does make it so I don’t care about the pain. I have a decent amount of physical energy when I need to move. Weed Score 9/10.

Orange 43 is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous White Fire 43 X Orange strains. This rare but totally delicious bud packs a mouthwatering flavor and calming effects that are perfect for those afternoons or evenings when you want to kick back. The high sta…