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5 best Minecraft ocean seeds

Looking for an adventure in the ocean biomes of Minecraft can be rather time-consuming for players new to the game, especially those coming in after the “Bountiful Update.”

Players got a look at different ocean biomes and features when Minecraft started applying version 1.8 to the game. This iteration is better known to players as the “Bountiful Update,” its official name.

Minecraft has since progressed from version 1.8 to add new features for its players. The game continues to develop, making some “Bountiful Update” features less common. These version 1.8 features include sunken ships, mansions, and ocean monuments.

This article shows players a list of seeds that surrounds them with Minecraft version 1.8 features. Each seed could be ideal for players who don’t see the features from the “Bountiful Update” as much as they’d like.

These seeds were tested on the Bedrock Edition and may not respond the same for Minecraft Java Edition players.

Top five Minecraft ocean seeds

#1 – Seed code: 9025887385764104107

Players using this seed in Minecraft Bedrock Edition spawn just outside an abandoned village. They spawn roughly around the coordinates (X 44, Y 68, Z 4)., putting them in a tree. Simultaneously, the abandoned village can be found at coordinates (X 42, Y 64, Z 28) and can be seen from the players’ spawn point.

After they have set up camp and get nice and comfortable, gamers can slowly make their way to coordinates (X 67, Y 43, Z -1196) to find a sunken ship. Other Minecraft sunken ships can be located at coordinates (X -136, Y 40, Z -125) and (X -136, Y 34, Z -1100).

Each sunken ship contains at least one chest with a treasure map inside. This ocean seed is the perfect start to a Minecraft treasure hunting adventure.

#2 – Seed code: 30100647980803778592

This seed places Minecraft players at the coordinates (X 828, Y 85, Z 4) for a view of a vast ocean biome. They can dive down to (X 821, Y 48, Z 262) to find a sunken home with a chest inside.

Gamers should be cautious when swimming into an area with underwater homes, as they are typically riddled with drowned mobs. They can find other sunken homes at the coordinates (X 805, Y 38, Z 422) and (X 978, Y 32, Z 8).

A short swim from the sunken homes that sit at (X 978, Y 32, Z 8) will put Minecraft players at a sunken ship at the coordinates (X 985, Y 38, Z 59). Players can find the sunken ship shown in the image above at (X 958, Y 42, Z 354).

With the layout of this world, gamers can explore an entire Minecraft undersea world.

#3 – Seed code: Salmon

Typing “salmon” into the seed selection bar will put players into a world that is ideal for vast Minecraft ocean exploration.

When they look back at their settings, they will find that the word “salmon” has been replaced with a seed number. This seed number, “-909707666,” is found in their settings under the seed rather than typed into the bar.

Players spawn in at the coordinates (X 44, Y 86, Z 4) on a patch of land. As they explore the Minecraft world around them, an array of different ocean features can be found. The nearest point of interest is an ocean monument, found at (X 137, Y 51, 170). Gamers should be ready for guardians before approaching this dangerous structure.

Other points of interest include a village at (X -668, Y 64, Z -369) and the woodland mansion in the image shown above. The entrance to this mansion can be found at the coordinates (X -848, Y 70, Z -978).

Woodland mansions are packed full of treasures and dangers alike, with chests in nearly every dimly-lit room throughout this three-story structure.

Features like this make “salmon” a great addition to this list of the five best Minecraft ocean seeds.

#4 – Seed code: 624329016

This little Minecraft seed is dense in interesting underwater features. Players will spawn into this world at (X 1986, Y 63, Z 26) and find themselves facing a large ocean biome full of things for them to find.

Minecraft features found in this seed include the ruined portal, as seen in the image above. Gamers can find the portal at (X 1968, Y 44, Z -387) near a large patch of kelp and a warm ocean biome.

More can be found at coordinates (X 1974, Y 43, Z -138), where players will find a sunken home that contains a chest inside. There is also a sunken ship with a map that directs them to buried treasure found at (X 1830, Y 39, Z 42), close to the players’ spawn point.

#5 – Seed code: 6554791360649208385

The last addition to this list puts players in a challenging location for survival at the coordinates (X 2604, Y 70, Z 4).

Their best bet to find resources is in the village shown above. This desert village can be located across the ocean biome at (X 2716, Y 63, Z 467). Players can get started at the village and set off to find the other Minecraft ocean features.

Features like sunken homes and ships can be found in the ocean biomes’ depths, starting with sunken homes at coordinates (X 2534, Y 45, Z -167) and (X 2759, Y 47, Z -149) that hold chests for players to find. The sunken ships and their treasure maps can be found at (X 2585, Y 46, Z -122) and (X 2746, Y 40, Z -127).

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Looking for an adventure in the ocean biomes of Minecraft can be rather time-consuming for players new to the game, especially those coming in after the