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shipped fast

shipped fast. Made easy. 100% germination rate so far. couple freebies. Keep up the good work. Send your friends this way. Totally legit

Quick delivery with extras of what I…

Quick delivery with extras of what I ordered and freebies!! Will be back for more!

Breeder pack seeds did quality..

Finished the grow. These are MY finding from experience..Best germination rate I’ve experience in a long time. The breeder packs are legit..The free kandy kush and la confidential and purple ?punch need stability work.Not uniform or constant in structure .I would recommend them just don’t put all ( or in my case ) best neuts,median, lights in the freebies) 5star on dna & barney’s.cockett farms .truth. THERE SOILD..Real growing real ppl. ? 3rd update.. Smoke report from there purple punch and LA CONFIDENTIAL ? was a pleasure ?..upgraded my opinion after use.. Wish I would have found ya sooner..soild stock..

My new favorite seed company .I used to…

My new favorite seed company .I used to buy from seedsherenow but now I am all for NASC !they always send you awesome freebies ,they are always prompt and you get your order in3-4 days from payment ,they’ve sent me 10 packs when I only ordered 5 ,they always match your order and have good prices ,their customer service is exceptional. When ever I had an issue it was fixed right away and it was always my fault not theirs and they still fixed it .Small family owned business doing awesome big things I love them

This company is amazing

This company is amazing! Placed order and was at my doorstep in 4 days! Fast and reliable couldn’t be happier

I got to give them props and 5 stars

I got to give them props and 5 stars. I got exactly what I ordered. I was skeptical but they came through. I have used others. But I will be a repeat customer.

Keep up the good work guys. People are really counting on you guys.

North Atlantic Seed Company is good to go!!

Received order along with freebies in less than 10 days. Pretty decent selection as well. I definitely would order from here again.

N. A. S. Co. Is amazing.

Ordered four seats from the company came within 15 days amazing shipping they were packaged very safely and also received two freebies will be shopping again might become a preferred customer can’t wait for my crops to harvest amazing experience great customer service and easy website

Great company seeds came early with…

Great company seeds came early with freebies haven’t germinated them yet with that being said I used growers choice seeds around Father’s Day 2020 never got any seeds asked for a refund and that still hasn’t came I highly recommend northatlanticseeds to anyone

Fast and Honest

Fast and good .Got some real deals. I also got tons of freebies that I want expecting. I made 3 orders and was happy with all 3.I had my last order held up by usps not nasc,But for 3 weeks, so those who are worrying one day it will just all the sudden show up.

Awesome company!

Excellent customer service and a great selection. If you text customer service they get back to you in minutes. They will do anything in there power to help. If you are contemplating ordering do so with confidence. I have ordered a few times and they always come through. Please keep in mind how messed up the USPS is right now. That is not in there power. Will definitely do business with them again.

Sorry for the length but worth the…

Sorry for the length but worth the time! I have not germinated these seeds. However I am EXTREMELY impressed with the company so far. Initially I was slightly skeptical, because well who isn’t. I had used i49 seeds before deciding to change. I wasn’t impressed by them. Can’t get ahold of them, forever shipping, etc. I wasn’t a fan of not being able to call North Atlantic Seed Company. They fixed that in two seconds. I texted them on a Sunday with a couple questions, by 11am the next morning I had answers. It took two days for my order to complete and it didn’t have a tracking number. Again I texted them with a question at 9am on Friday. They answered my question with “it will be sent as soon as a label is made”. That was texted to me a half hour after they opened! Got my tracking number and had my package by the 12th! The package was in a usps envelope, then the actual seeds were in another envelope that was insulated with bubble wrap, inside that were beautifully packaged seeds in individually sealed pop outs. They also gave me two free seeds! Those were also inside foam for safety. I have a lot of respect for the amount of care they put in for the packaging alone. I’m excited to see how they turn out, but if it’s anything like the quality and care they have already put into it, they will have a guaranteed customer!

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