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Nj seed

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Nj seed

To ensure that only good quality seed is sold in New Jersey, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s Division of Plant Industry routinely monitors and inspects a wide range of plant seed for “truth in labeling” and the prevention of the introduction of noxious weed seeds. Seeds for agricultural and turfgrass, vegetables and flowers offered for sale to farmers and homeowners are examined and tested to ensure that they meet the seedsmen’s claims as to germination, variety and weed content. Anyone engaged in the business of a wholesale seedsman or seed conditioner must register annually with the State Board of Agriculture.

The Seed Certification and Control program certifies high-quality seed and propagating material of superior crop varieties, grown and distributed to ensure genetic and mechanical purity, and a minimum of seed-borne diseases. An interagency certification system is also provided for maintaining the genetic and mechanical purity of certified seed when repacking or combining mixtures of kinds or varieties. Seed that does not conform to the requirements of the state’s seed law is subject to removal from the marketplace and the seller is subject to other penalties.

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