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The Strain Season 5 Updates: Will The Vampire Series Return?

The Strain was based on Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s vampire novel trilogy, but will the TV series return for a fifth season?

Is The Strain season 5 going to happen or is the vampire apocalypse over? Guillermo del Toro’s first movie was Cronos, a low-budget Mexican horror movie about a man who is stabbed by a mysterious device that turns him into a vampire. The filmmaker would return to the genre once again with 2002’s Blade II, where Wesley Snipes’ titular hunter teams with a group of vampires to take on a new strain of bloodsuckers dubbed The Reapers.

These nasty creatures had jaws that split open to reveal a barbed tongue underneath, which would greatly inspire the design of the strigoi featured in his novel trilogy The Strain. Guillermo del Toro co-wrote this series – consisting of The Strain, The Fall, and The Night Eternal – with author Chuck Hogan (The Town), and follows a group of people trying to stop a vampire virus from taking over New York. The Strain was originally pitched as a TV series, so it only made sense that following the success of the books it head back to television. The show starred Corey Stoll, Kevin Durant, and Mía Maestro but despite mixed reviews centered around the unlikeability of certain main characters, especially lead Eph Goodweather and his son Zach, it ended up running for four seasons

Following the show concluding in 2017, is The Strain season 5 ever likely to happen?

The Strain Season 4 Wrapped Up The Story

After an epic battle to take back the world following the vampires causing a nuclear winter, The Strain season 4 ended with both character Eph and Zach sacrificing themselves to finish off the Master. The finale jumps ahead five years to reveal the nuclear winter is gradually clearing up, and the survivors – including exterminator Fet and Dutch – helping rebuild the world.

The Strain Season 4 Was Intended To Be The End

Like The Night Eternal novel it was based upon, The Strain season 4 was designed as a conclusive finale. The Master is dead as are many of the main characters, and there’s only a handful of vampires left in the world. It was an intentional decision to not leave any obvious room for sequels or spinoffs, and while there was talk before season 4 of splitting the final book in two and having The Strain season 5 wrap up the story, the showrunners decided to collapse it all into an action packed fourth season.

The Strain Season 5 Won’t Happen

While the show had its fans it’s very unlikely The Strain season 5 will press ahead. The story ended on a sad but hopeful note and its creators have since moved on to other projects. It’s hard to imagine where another series or even a novel could take the story next, so its probably for the best The Strain has come to a natural conclusion.

The Strain was based on Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s vampire novel trilogy, but will the TV series return for a fifth season?