nebula strain

Nebula strain

Vaping this off a BC Vapes Honey Oil Full Spectrum Extract cartridge. Took 1x

4.5sec hit then another about 15-20min later, both at 3.6v since the ohm of this cart is at 1.9 to 2.0 to have some decent vapor amount. The flavor/aroma profile is more like lemon/pine/earthy/musty/musky/honeyish than what is listed above. The mental high is somewhat psychedelic but you dont feel anxious or paranoid. Instead you feel like the light has turned on in your head feeling uplifted, motivated, and creative but also focused also thanks to the Pinene countering short-term memory loss effects. The body high comes on as slightly warming with slight analgesic effects which provides mild to moderate pain relief. definitely energizing as well as dont feel the least bit of couch lock. Even when the second hit kicked in and the high became more intensified i still dont trip myself out or have problems interacting with others or thinking. Definitely a good wake and bake strain to start your day off right.

Low Dosage: Psychoactive: Patterns of flow recognized in abstract geometry of water droplets. A sense of sympathetic connection with another person who is elsewhere. Physical sensations more abstract or distant. Creativity: High. Cognitive: Insight: Significant insight. The scene of the prologue of a new novel. Focus: Moderate Mood: Calm, content, contemplative Energy: Relaxed but high. Sociable: Low.

Nebula is an indica type strain, which is green in color with a large number of orange hairs covering it. There are several patches of purple all over the buds and they are abundant in THC crystals. The Nebula has a strong smell which can emanate throughout the room and beyond, in no time. It is …