ms universe strain

Sannie’s Ms Universe anyone? Sounds like the best strain ever.

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Anyone grown this out. I think it’s rather new. Claims to have some phenos over 35%.

Lineage: Dess*Tar x Space Queen F3

Parental Information
Our Dess*tar (Starship x Kail Mist) Mother used for this cross is a very unique sativa dominant plant with an indica structure. The Dess*tar is extremely stable and has high resistance to disease and pests.. She also has such a high THC content that it will leave a resinous film in your mouth upon exhale. her scents and flavors range from hash oil, caramel, pineapple and haze. This plant can be considered a mild psychedelic..

The male Space Queen F3’s sweetness makes the perfect complimentary partner to the Dess*star’s overbearing potency. This male has a nice branchy structure that does not stretch as much as the SQ F2 Male used in previous crosses..

The Dess*tar is dominant in the Ms.Universe..

Bloom Length:

All phenos are extremely greasy and resinous. There are also many shades of color that will show up in the gene pool..

***Very High Potency on this strain.

Pheno #1 (40%) xmas tree structure, smells and flavors or pineapple/hashy caramel/haze with hints of berry. 9 week bloom, PM resistant, and tight inter-nodal spacing. 1x stretch..

Pheno #2 (30%) by far the sweetest pheno, she expresses more cherry/berry than the others. slightly more indica with this pheno, but still sativa dom.. 1.5x stretch

Pheno #3 (10%) has the most stretch and longest bloom time.. Although she is more rare, I have grown her and love her! She grows foxtails/dreadlocks towards mid/late bloom. Expect smells and flavors ranging from cherry/pineapple/haze/vanilla.. 2x stretch

Pheno #4 (20%) identical to Pheno #1 in every way, but has mostly a hazy smell.. Very good pheno for stealth grows.

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professor p is (imo) a super farmer & asset to the community. most of y’all just dont know.

if im not mistaken he worked on a few freebie for sannie. maybe even the mad shack im playing with now (fastest rooter in the history of cut taking by the way).

however there are no claims of 30%+ thc . he notes 20% . you get a big fat >F

hazey grapes
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i like kali mist a lot and offered to buy an eigth for $120 when i blazed it, but after growing my own, it’s not even in my top 3 strains. the speedy and clear headed buzz isn’t as fun as more balanced strains that have higher psychoactivity and that you can chill to tunes or movies etc. on. the buzz is just too specific. i was a little disappointed that i couldn’t get the “is it live or is it memorex?” effect on the tunes i couldn’t sit still long enough to enjoy and instead cleaned house on kali. i do love it’s spicy flavor though.

C99 (at least joey weed’s discontinued version) has a very similar buzz in a much ore indoor friendly strain.

i have no experience with the other strain, but i would only grow KM (i still have 1 bean) if i had more balanced gear too or wanted to loose 100 pounds in a week. LOL

trippier haze skunk is a much more 24/7 friendly buzz and the psycoactivity makes stuff stimulate your senses in a way KM is too clearheaded to do. i think of it as 100% work & activities weed

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actually, kali mist USED TO BE 87.5% sativa, but now it’s 75% as they’ve re-crossed it around 2003.

i’m DEFINITELY not into even a little couchlock. i’m not a fan of the lead eye in haze skunk, but that’s all it amounts to and it’s overwhelmed by the motivational bent of the strain. i’m talking about more energy neutral strains. not all sativas are racy, far from it. actually, columbian gold was probably stonier than haze skunk as i remember taking vacations from it every month when it would stop getting me high and would get seriously couchlocked on it after a day of wake & bake where the haze skunk never put me to sleep and even after a month of it building in my system, maintained a nice 24/7 mild permabuzz.

i loved chilling out to tunes on columbian gold, especially something weird that i’ve never heard before. kali mist wasn’t hearing it. it was too mind racuyy for me to be able to even concentrate on and was much happier cleaning house whilst trying to unify newtonian physics with relativity whilst happily humming don’t worry be happy. it’s an awesome buzz for sure, but NOT what you want to watch a laugh your ass off stupid movie on. it doesn’t have the psychoactivity to give blockbusters the same “WOW!” factor either. i’d only smoke original kali mist when sitting down and chilling are the last thing i want to do.

as much as i used to like chilling to movies & music on columbian gold, i also used to like going out dancing on it until i got dehydrated. THAT is what i call a balanced 24/7 buzz. not too racy and definitely not too stony. i can’t stand being impaired by indicas. “thou shalt not attempt reaching for the remote control!” is the opposite of fun.

there are tons of variables in a buzz besides energy level and psychoactivity. euphoria, confusion, creativity, sociability, heightened senses, munchies, paranoia, and jitters etc. i was just reminded of a PARTICULAR body effect from sativas someone else was experiencing that i always called “rubber head”. once you get away from strains that are nothing but stoney, there’s a wide world of strains with different personalities.

BTW, after going back and re-reading the cross’ description including mention of some psychoactivity, it sounds like it would be funner & more balanced than kali mist for everything ELSE besides activities. a little bit of mellow in a buzz isn’t a bad thing, but afghani in particular tends to dominate like it does in stony skunk #1 where 8 miles high is supposed to be a 50:50, but has absolutely no couchlock OR raciness. no impact on energy at all leaving you with nothing but playful euphoria and motivation to seek fun. i’m totally down with THAT. getting stoned on skunk #1 or blueberry? nah uh

Anyone grown this out. I think it's rather new. Claims to have some phenos over 35%!!!…