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Mr. Nice Seed Bank was founded and owned by Shantibaba and Howard Marks (aka Mr. Nice), and are creators of some of the most renowned cannabis varieties in Europe.

Mr. Nice have been awarded in several editions of the High Times Cannabis Cup, specially in the 90’s with strains like Northern Lights No. 5 x Haze NL5, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino and Great White Shark.

Mr. Nice strains come in packs of 15 seeds.

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Mango Haze – Mr. Nice

Mango Haze Marijuana is a parallel offspring to the Super Silver Haze, that means that it has the same Skunk father plant but the mother plant NL5/Haze is a sister plant of the female used for the Super Silver Haze. These two females of NL5/Haze [. ]

  • 15 Seeds 115.00€

Black Widow – Mr. Nice

Black Widow is one of the most awarded and best loved cannabis strains ever created, it’s genetics form a part of countless hybrids on the menu of almost every seed bank and it won 1st prize in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Originally created in [. ]

  • 15 seeds 68.00€ 57.80€

Critical Mass – Mr. Nice

Critical Mass has gained almost legendary status in Spain, where in the early 2000’s in the Basque city of Bilbao the famous Critical Bilbo clone was selected, going on to win countless prizes and continuing to dominate the Spanish cannabis scene to [. ]

  • 15 seeds (Product sold out) 64.00€ 54.40€

Critical Skunk – Mr. Nice

Alchimia presents here Critical Skunk from Mr.Nice Seeds, a 75% Skunk and 25% Afghan hybrid made to increase the organoleptic and psychoactive properties of the Critical Mass strain , a cannabis line famous in Europe for its high yields, quick flower [. ]

  • 15 seeds 57.00€

Shit – Mr. Nice

A true original classic, Shit is a timeless combination of two mainstays of the cannabis world, Skunk and Afghani. Famous the world over and winner of countless awards under it’s more well known name Skunk #1, Mr Nice Seed Bank now present these gene [. ]

  • 15 seeds (Product sold out) 35.00€

Ortega – Mr. Nice

Ortega Marijuana is a cannabis strain whose genetics has a 100% Northern Lights base. To create the Breeder Shantibaba used an old seed packet of Neville which he kept since 1987. Based on these same seeds Neville had developed several lineages of N [. ]

  • 15 Seeds 68.00€

Early Queen – Mr. Nice

With a regal fanfare and much majestic splendour, Mr Nice Seed Bank presents Early Queen, the reigning monarch of outdoor cannabis gardens. This fast flowering, early finishing hybrid of old-school strains from the west coast of the USA has been gat [. ]

  • 15 seeds (Product sold out) 45.00€

Early Skunk – Mr Nice Seeds – Mr. Nice

Early Skunk from Mr Nice Seeds is a quick flowering cannabis strain – specially bred for outdoor marijuana growing – that is fully ripe around mid September. Get this Skunk genetics now on regular seed form in Alchimiaweb! This hybrid comes from Ear [. ]

  • 15 seeds 57.00€

Early Skunk Haze – Mr. Nice

Early Skunk Haze is the Sativa version of the Early Pearl Skunk variety, that has become a strong and vigorous hybrid, which flowers in about 8-10 weeks, producing a Sativa taste and effect thanks to crossing Early Skunk with Haze genetics. Now avail [. ]

  • 15 seeds 80.00€

G13 Haze – Mr. Nice – Mr. Nice

G13 Haze from Mr Nice is a high quality Sativa-dominant hybrid developed from female clones of the legendary original G13 crossed with Haze. These exclusive limited edition seeds produce outstanding plants with a truly impressive flavour and a power [. ]

  • 15 seeds 80.00€

G13 Skunk – Mr. Nice

G13 Skunk cannabis strain is a hybrid created to keep and share G13 genetics, an indica line with mysterious and unknown origins, a myth enforced by its incredible powerful effect, making G13 a trully legendary marijuana strain. Discover this G13 Sku [. ]

  • 15 seeds 57.00€

G13 Widow – Mr. Nice

G13 Widow from Mr Nice Seeds combines two cannabis genetics known for their powerful effect: Indica G13 and the Black Widow strain , getting very resinous plants with floral and musky aroma and a very relaxing effect. Now available in AlchimiaWeb on [. ]

  • 15 seeds 68.00€

Afghan Haze – Mr. Nice

The cross of a pure Afghan female (100% Indica) with a Haze marijuana male (100% Sativa) can only achieve fantastic results. The features that still can be improved in this strain are the yield and flowering time, so those looking for a good balance [. ]

  • 15 seeds 68.00€

Mango x Widow – Mr. Nice

Mango x Widow combines two of the main successes of Mr Nice Seeds: timeless Black Widow, with its dense buds blanched by resin, and Mango Haze genetics , a powerful sativa with fruity and floral aromas and a long lasting high effect. Discover this Sa [. ]

  • 15 seeds 68.00€

La Niña – Mr. Nice

Mr Nice Seed Bank proudly present the daughter of the family La Niña (Spanish for little girl). She was once famously known as El Niño (little boy) and won the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup under that name, but because our favourite kind [. ]

  • 15 seeds 80.00€

Master Kusk x Skunk – Mr. Nice

Master Kush x Skunk from Mr. Nice Seeds is a regular marijuana strain result of crossing two cannabis plants that have set trends in the international cannabis market for the last 30 years. They have won distinguished awards that endorse them as g [. ]

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