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Moxie 710

Moxie Seeds & Extracts was founded in 2015 to serve the growing demand for cannabis extraction. The Moxie company is a group of professional cultivators. It is based on three main principles – a science, safety and health.

This young company has already been awarded over fifty different accolades for non-psychoactive Cannabidiol products.

The company produces oils and other extracted forms of cannabis for those cannabis users who prefer different ways of intake, not only for smoking. Moxie also tends to satisfy needs of medical-cannabis users. The latest technology and highly trained chemists help to reach the goal.

The Moxie uses modern techniques, technology, & procedures that are typically applied in the pharmaceutical industry. Such methods provides top-quality resulting products.

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Didn’t grow as expected,
Day temp average between 75-84 degrees

Night temp 70-75 degrees

My only problem with this bud is that I’m running out already! This is and has been one of my favorite strains for quite some time. from cloning to vegging to flowering and finally harvesting and smoking every part of the journey has been very enjoyable especially the latter half!
I can’t really say enough good things about this train so I’ll just try to keep it short keyword try LOL.
The smell is heavenly. Notes of lemon fuel sugar and skunk Haze. The taste is almost identical.

The experience is otherworldly. Top notch ride. More of a sativa high for sure but still can ease some of the body aches for people who really need a strong medicinal indica don’t count this completely out of the picture.
Apartment immediately inhalation you’ll notice a change in head energizing and potent. As a bonus my girl says it makes her feel a little. Ya 😉

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