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  • Is anyone familiar with the strain Mothership?

    By my understanding, which admittedly could be COMPLETELY based on smoke and mirrors, it’s something of a specific strain to a specific region (state, even) of the US. Commonly grown outdoors. Indica.

    Has anyone else ever even heard of it before? It was hard as hell to get ahold of even back when I talked to folks that could get it. Now I just find myself craving it – although I have two months before I can smoke again at all.

    I expect that it is not carried by a breeder, and I sure don’t see myself getting a clone of it. But I just wanted to see if anyone else ever got the pleasure.

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  • Santiago- foaf has smoked mothership before. it is a hybrid with a distinct sativa influence in the taste(kinda how arcata trainwreck has a distinct taste-you just know its sativa influence). also it is a strain grown mostly outdoors and does finish relatively early compared to other strains(before ATF and durban) outdoors. as far as foaf knows the mothership originated from bagseed and is clone only. sorry foaf didn’t post sooner, foaf had to get ahold of the buddy that had the sample of mothership to remember more info on the subject. that buddy said that is in his top ten of all time favorite smokes. foaf remembers it being very tasty and pretty strong. the cut is still out there so its possible it may find its way to you in the future.

    FF-if he says the Cush is extinct, maybe it is the same mothership, especially if you say it was crossed with mexican. as the mothership foaf saw definately had sativa influence. again as far as foaf knew, the mothership came to be from unknown bagseed.

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