most potent mushroom strain

Most potent mushroom strain

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All strains do not have the same potency. South Africans grown side by side with B+ using the same methods are about 30% less potent and yield about 15% less than the B+.

Those are the only strains AFOAF has grown side by side, so I can’t commend on other strains.

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It has been shown in studies that strains vary in potency. To say which one has the highest alkaloid content is impossible without testing. I have tried many, and have only had one strain that I would have considered weak. Then, within the “good strains”, there are minute differences between each other in potency, sometimes noticeably different. There are quite a few strains to try, with most of them good. The biggest variations you will have is size, color, shape, etc. Potency will not vary to the extent that you will need a quarter of a poor strain compared to a gram of a good one to feel effects. They will all be similar to an extent with dose, but you will notice differences if you get to trying lots of different strains.

Some are very poor.
Most are average and decent.
Few leave an everlasting impression on you.

of Course a mushroom strain that produces a bigger shroom contains more psilocin than a smaller specimen

This is entirely untrue. There are some strains that produce very little, almost puny mushrooms that are excellent. And there are also strains that produce large mushrooms that are good. With the opposite also being true (weak strains can come in big and large packages too). Basically, mushroom size has no direct relation to potency, only maturity when harvested effects potency. Sometimes size and maturity can be confused, immature mushrooms are smaller and have more alkaloids than a large overmature fruit of the same strain. A mushroom strain that is bigger will have more alkaloids because it obviously contains more total mass. But, the concentration of psilocybin per that mass does not have anything to do with size of the mushroom strain. It is determined by environmental conditions and genetics. When talking potency you must consider the concentration of active chemicals compared to the mass of the mushroom body.

This has been covered a million times already, but I find it is easier for me to type in the answer, than to search for a person and post the links. Try the search function though, it works well and you can dig up more info that you can digest. Especially on the great potency discussions that have been discussed over and over in the past. There is good info out there on the subject

I posted this question as a reply somewhere else but didnt get much of a response…I was wondering if anyone knew which strain of the Psilocybe Cubensis was the most potent ratio wise…of Course