morning glory seeds trip report

Psychonaut in training

So on Thursday 17th at approx. 2:45 PM i ingested 12 ground hawaiian baby woodrose seeds wrapped in a rolling paper bomb. This post will detail as much of my experience that i am capable of putting into logical sentences.

So after ingesting the 12 seeds I sat down with my friends C and P and put a movie on to bide the time. I’m nervous but excited for the LSA to take effect. My mind is agitated from anticipation, like slowly climbing a roller-coaster. Each minute felt like a clunk of the chain pulling me further up to precipice of my trip. After roughly one hour I get up from the sofa to go use the toilet. at this moment i realized that its starting to kick in. I stood there for a second and realized that the familiar sensation of weightlessness had begun. Walking upstairs to the bathroom felt more like gliding a foot off the ground and upon my arrival back downstairs I decided it was a good idea to go experience the world outside of the living room. It wasn’t difficult convincing C and P.

We walked about ten minutes to the local wildlife park. It was overcast but still comfortably warm out. A slight breeze felt like a guiding hand beckoning us further down the open fields and up to the more wooded area. conversation flowed and the atmosphere was great. Color became more vibrant. Small purple and yellow flowers glowed against the vibrant green fields. yellows and browns in the grass highlighted the topography of the landscape. this all became extremely contrasted against the grey sky and the horizon seemed to glow. We walked to a bench and sat for a few minutes. The rolling hills that layout before us were humbling. I truly felt that i understood the scale of the planed that we reside on.

After a few minutes on the bench we walked a little further and that’s when i began to feel the stronger effects kick in. Waves of euphoric energy engulfed me. with each wave the sensation peaked a little higher and i knew i was nowhere near the top. It was time we got back to the living room before i was incapable of getting myself there.

On the way back my limbs started feeling heavy and walking became arduous. It was as if walking was some foreign concept that my muscles had not performed before. P was feeling the same and explained his theory that LSA breaks down external filters that we had learned over the course of our lives. Even now this seems like a viable explanation. I kept this thought in mind as we walked through the suburbs back to C’s house. the whole concept of human constructs gained an eerie tone to them. Buildings seemed unnatural and cars seemed completely bizarre in form and function.

We were soon at C’s house and as he was unlocking the door the body load hit me and i peaked. I slumped back into the couch and the force of gravity seemed to cocoon itself around me and pull me downward. I lay on the floor feeling intense waves of euphoria and sedation saturate my mind. I have no idea how long this lasted. Time evaporated. I was unable to conceptualize past and future. My ego had been weakened and my bind was trapped in the present. This was somewhat liberating. I imagine this is how animals experience time. From this point onward my mind became an unstoppable locomotive of philosophy and imagination. Very little of which i can give justice in text. these thoughts were also somewhat personal so i don’t wish to explain them in this post.

this lasted until around 8:00 PM.

At 9:30PM i walked home, saying goodbye to my good friends and tucking myself into bed. I felt refreshed drained, yet rejuvenated. My mind has remained clear and i feel very positive about what i learned about myself from this experience. (this is most likely due to the enteogenic qualities that many psychedelics such as LSA posses)

The experience was exhausting both physically and emotionally. If any of you ever want to experiment with Hawaiian baby woodrose, or morning glory seeds, i warn you that the body load is intense and higher doses are certainly not to be used frivolous in an impulse to find a fun “legal high”. Be responsible, read as much as you can, and be safe.

HBWR Trip Report So on Thursday 17th at approx. 2:45 PM i ingested 12 ground hawaiian baby woodrose seeds wrapped in a rolling paper bomb. This post will detail as much of my experience that i am…