more cowbell strain

More cowbell strain

This more cowbell is super sedating for me personally and that was a few bubbler hits. I have a tolerance as I use medical cannabis for chronic pain so this really helped with back pain jaw spasm TMJ replacement pain occipital migraine on and on from a head on collision. Only supplements CBD and medical cannabis, no big pharma anymore. This strain is a heavy hitter it gave me the wobbles when I stood up definitely would not drive on it or take no chances. It’s flavors burst on your tastebuds theres so much goin on at once. Try this for a medical reason, due to my health and coming off all pain medications after a daunting 25 years, due to medical cannabis, I’m not all about recreational passing and the government having yet more control over our state. Look at what Cali is going through after their prop passed. Just my thoughts. #peaceandmuchlove

High is crisp, electric, creative and social. It is a hard hitting stone, often triggering hysterical laughter. Very much a social lubricant, inspires conversation. You can accidentally get “stupid” stoned, which is fine if you don’t drive. Strong analgesic for back pain. At higher doses loss of balance, compromised depth perception and definitely the “out of it” state described in the strain information manifest. At daytime doses, good analgesic properties, anti-depressive and uplifting. Inspires getting things done. Energetic stone. I disagree with the “sedated” part in the review. Friends gifted with this strain have stayed up until dawn, laughing, talking and smoking. There’s almost no cap on the stone; you keep going up with no headache. Not good for insomnia. This strain will keep you up and energized. Slight grogginess next day. Side effects are: genuine cotton mouth (the tincture will dry you out), some eye dryness at higher doses (Systane drops work well), paranoia (which will diminish somewhat after adjusting to the potency), loss of balance and night vision impairment.

More Cowbell is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (65% indica/35% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Girl Scout Cookies X Hash Plant strains. You know what you need? More Cowbell. This hard-hitting bud is perfect for the discerning indica lover, with a super high 20-23% average …