moonflower seeds high

Moonflower seeds high

well i’ve only heard of moonflower twice, and they were both today, in this thread, and in this one:

due to the comments in that thread, i’d do some research if i were you. i’m sure there’s some info on erowid.


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It’s one of those fucked up botanical misnomers. This actually affected kids at a high school I used to attend. They read that chewing “moonflower” seeds would cause a trip similar to LSD. I think one of them ended up in a coma after they chewed several doses of datura seeds. I know this sounds like a scare-tactic drug story, but it actually did happen.

Some morning glories are occasionally referred to as moonflowers. I’m not sure if that variety contains LSA, but a few varieties of them do.

“Moonflower” is also the common name for a solanaceae bush called Datura Inoxia, or Datura Stramonium. It is a powerful hallucinogenic sacrament. It has an ancient history of use and is often associated with witchcraft. All parts of the plant contain the alkaloids, but the seeds are the most highly concentrated. High doses of the plant can be lethal, and moderate doses can be terrifying. It is not recommended for those without lots of experience.

It is pretty important you make a clear distinction between which plants you have. They are VERY different.

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Anybody here have any experience with Moonflower seeds? I grew them this summer. They are related to the Morning Glory and the seeds are supposed to contain LSA. The seeds are white and much larger