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Strain Review: Midnight Snack by Maven Genetics

New Review Alert 🚨 here we have a fine #midnightsnack from @maven_mvn let’s see whats up: Brand: Maven
Strain: Midnight Snack
25.94 %THC

Indica or Sativa: Indica dominant Hybrid

Midnight Snack Strain Review

Comments: Here we go with another round of Maven in the house. This time we have midnight snack, an Indica leaning hybrid which made me sleep with ease.

1. Scent: Danky basement/room funk at first when pulling the nose into the jar. The website said some floral and earth but I am not getting that floral at all.

2. Appearance: Brightly glowing green hidden among trichomes and varying degrees of orange/red hairs. Lookin super pretty with some purple strips though the trichomes lil bit.

3. Nug Structure: Freshness factor was up there since they seal each of their containers. Force needed to pull the bud from the stem. Could use a grinder could use your fingers. Dealers choice.

4. Smoke: Smallish “bite” to the side of the throat; I would not characterize it as harsh by any means. The exhale is smooth through the mouth. Small tingles when exhaling thru the nose, which is a fun change up.

5. Taste: Now I get the floral vibes they mentioned! It dances around the mouth slightly during the exhale. The earthy funk is there but hard to describe the exact taste.

6. Reaction: Mixed. I like the high and the mind melt to body relaxation is there but the taste is just not completely understood to my palate. The funky room smell + floral smoke is a little confusing. Dunno. A friend was over and she was def naked AF off it but myself…not overwhelming.

7. Conclusion: I’d prop skip it next go around to be honest. They have some fire selections from my previous experiences. However, this just didn’t do it for me. Not a diss just not what I found. 🤷‍♀️

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