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Mexican Marijuana Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

The mountainous terrain and unique climate of Mexico make it one of the few global regions that is hospitable to growing cannabis. Home to several landrace strains, all of which have distinctly sativa characteristics thanks to the high elevations of the country, Mexico is a hotspot for growing weed. Today we will be looking at the one dubbed Mexican marijuana.

Landrace strains are a variety of the cannabis plant that has less diluted DNA than other strains. This means that they have not been crossbred with any other variety of cannabis. Landrace strains are typically indigenous to a certain part of the world, which means that they have adapted to the environment of a particular geographic location.

Since landrace strains are the original cannabis plant from that region, descendants of those strains often reflect part of the region’s name, like in the case of the Mexican marijuana strain.

It’s important to note that the landrace classification only describes the indigenous upbringing and genetic purity of the strain. Ultimately, they have less diluted DNA, which means that they are closer to the original wild species than any other strain available.

The Mexican marijuana strain was created to give growers a landrace strain that can flourish in northern climates. Read on to find out more.

What Is the Mexican Marijuana Strain?

Mexican Marijuana weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (70% sativa/30% indica) created as a cross between the powerful Hash Plant and Durban Poison strains. It’s infamous for its potent uplifting effects and has a moderately high THC level of between 12-18%.

The Mexican cannabis strain’s effects begin with a hard-hitting high that uplifts the mind into insanely delighted focus and clarity, with strong creative motives running through the veins. Eventually, you will fall into a sleepy, munchies-filled state of serenity.

Landrace sativas tend to creep up on users, but when they do hit, it’s usually strong. And Mexican marijuana is no different. Smokers will feel a concerted pressure in the face, especially around the temples and eyes. Along with this physical sensation comes a spout of cerebral thinking, as you will jump between different ideas in free association.

Initially, the mental stimulation can be helpful in supporting concentration levels or in making boring tasks and errands more exciting. However, as the high progresses, your mindset may become more foggy and dreamlike and may not be as useful to work that requires acute focus.

Typically, the Mexican marijuana strain is more appropriate for daytime than evening use – it’s said to have a shorter than average high.


Mexican marijuana smells sweet and savory, blending earth and woody tobacco with lemon. It’s a very earthy and dank odor, featuring a considerably skunky pungency. There’s a woody scent lurking underneath and grinding up the buds releases peppery, spicy notes.


You can expect a lemon and lime rubbed in soil flavor with a tobacco exhale. It’s a smooth but pungent flavor with hints of diesel.


Mexican flowers are typically spindly and elongated rather than nugget-like and tightly-packed. The strain’s leaves don’t curl tightly inward. Instead, they are somewhat loose, and when viewed from afar, they have a fluffy appearance.

The leaves are a bright shade of lime green and feature shades of brown to vibrant orange hairs, which are actually pistils. Pistils are a structure meant to catch the pollen from flowering male plants. There is a heavy visible layer of sticky droplets of syrupy resin.

Mexican Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Mexican sativa seeds are perfect for garden growers who are looking for an easily cultivated strain. It’s a clear, uplifting sativa high, and possesses aesthetically beautiful plants.

This strain offers medium-sized yields. As expected, Mexican marijuana grows really tall in height. It’s considered to be an outdoor strain because it’s difficult to contain the sheer size of the plant in indoor settings.

The flowering time is a short 50 to 70 days thanks to a trait passed down from the Hash Plant genetics. Any grower in a northern climate who is looking to grow a tall sativa outdoors will certainly appreciate this strain.

THC Content – Highest Test

Typically, Mexican marijuana has a THC level of between 12 – 18%. This is a moderately-high level of THC – it’s quite potent, but there are numerous strains that contain a higher amount of THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

We couldn’t find any information regarding the CBD level of Mexican Marijuana. It contains only trace amounts, and it doesn’t appear as though even 1% of CBD has been detected in this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Mexican Marijuana Strain

The Mexican marijuana strain can be beneficial to medical cannabis patients thanks to its mood-elevating and mentally stimulating properties. Firstly, it may help those with attention deficit disorders to endure concentration on a single task.

It can also help with mild to moderate cases of stress and depression. The subtle anti-inflammatory qualities may help to soothe bodily irritations like indigestion and headaches. Because the mental effects aren’t particularly intense, it may be appropriate for patients who are prone to panic or those who have a low tolerance for THC.

Possible Side Effects of the Mexican Marijuana Strain

Mexican sativas are often thought to trigger dry eyes and a dry mouth. But these are minor side effects that are associated with most strains of marijuana. Bloodshot eyes is a classic indicator that a person may have consumed marijuana.

The dry eye effect is dose-dependent. Depending on the potency of THC in the strain, individuals may experience differing effects. For instance, if an individual consumes a low potency strain of marijuana, effects will not be as evident. However, if you use a high potency strain, effects will be more evident.

In other words, the relatively high level of THC present in the Mexican Marijuana strain may cause dry eyes and a dry mouth.

Final Thoughts on the Mexican Marijuana Strain

Traditionally, Mexico has been one of the largest cannabis producers in Latin America and is one of the leading exporters to the United States. Sativa strains have long flourished in the hot climate of Mexico, and this marijuana strain is one of the most popular.

It’s a robustly uplifting strain with a fresh aroma of lemon and earthy tones. You can expect a cerebral high, mixed with smooth, unwinding body sensations. Both experienced cannabis users and curious newbies will appreciate the vintage qualities of the strain. They will also enjoy the surprisingly exhilarating high it offers.

If you can find the Mexican marijuana strain, it’s a must-try for all cannabis enthusiasts.

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what strains are mexican brickweed?

xX Kid Twist Xx
Premium Member

Lately I have been seeing nicer brickweed then usual. I have been getting midgrade(arizona) for years but lately it just seems alot better. Less seeds greener plants. It is still so compressed. but out of the nicer batches i have been saving seeds. Im just curious if there could be any gems in there or is it just a waste of time? What strains are these? im on the east coast if that helps any.

sorry if this is the wrong spot for this i just figured you would know the answer the best reef.


I can’t remember the year, but back in the early-mid 90s some Latino fellas turned up in the Dam to buy suitcases full of seeds, so I reckon the pollution of the native Mexican genes goes back a long way.

I’ve got a collection of seeds from Mexican imports since the early 90s and you can almost trace the introduction of commercial genes, every year the seeds produced plants that were less like the classic Mexicans of the 70s and 80s, 3-4 years ago, last time I grew some, there were plants that looked like Northern Lights or Hashplants mixed in with 12-14 week sativas, a right clusterfuck.

Also, the incidence of hermies has got ever higher, there were always hermies but these days most plants are hermie, or at least from my limited selection they were/are.

Hey reef, apart from the Oaxacan you used in Apple Pie, do you have any other Mexican genetic gems you might release? I crave the old classics like a Minty Michoacan or a Lime tasting Guerreran Verde!

Lately I have been seeing nicer brickweed then usual. I have been getting midgrade(arizona) for years but lately it just seems alot better. Less seeds…