martian mean green strain

Martian Mean Green

Martian Mean Green from DNA Genetics seedbank is a cannabis hybrid composed of 60% sativa genetics and 40% of indica genetics . This marijuana seed contains genes from the two flagships of this seedbank, which are of course, the two known as Sharkbreath x G13Haze.

The result achieved from the crossing was a hybrid marijuana plant with a structure demonstrating that it tends to grow vertically with a central stem that protrudes above the few side branches it bears. This growth makes it ideal to be grown using the SOG or SCROG techniques. It produces long and thin, dark green leaves.

During the flowering stage we can see that in nine weeks the plants are ready to be harvested, although it must be said that there are two phenotypes, one of which finishes flowering in 12 weeks. Its aroma is out of the ordinary and unlike any other plant that has been grown previously. Seasoned growers will confirm this.

Its flowers are compact, hard, and full of a thick layer of resin that coats even the leaves closest to the central stem, thus, making it ideal for the extraction of high quality resin.

It has been the winner of several awards such as; The HTCC in 2005 in the Sativa Cup category, 3rd prize in 2006 in the Coffe Shop and at HTCC it took the Seed of the Year award.

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