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Marijuana Seeds in New Jersey

While it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds across the United States, it’s not permitted to use or grow the plant in all the states – so what can and can’t you do in New Jersey? Fortunately for those who live in this state and want to experience the health benefits of the plants themselves, there’s no penalty for using medical marijuana (as long as you suffer with one of the qualifying conditions), allowing you to find out why cannabis has become so popular for medicinal uses.

While you may be able to use CBD Marijuana without worry, you may not be able to grow your own cannabis, so make sure you find out the details on what you can and can’t do before you start your own seed bank.

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Do you qualify for the use of medicinal cannabis?

While you can use medical marijuana to help you to manage and deal with a number of ailments, you might only qualify to use the substance legally if you’re an individual that’s suffering with certain conditions. A few of these are:

– Crohn’s disease
– Symptoms of cancer
– Muscular dystrophy

There are a number of other ailments too – and since cannabis can be used to help people manage these kinds of problems, you might want to consider using medical marijuana.

How can marijuana be used as a medicine?

Both regular weed and medicinal Marijuana contain medical properties thanks to the compound Cannabidiol (CBD), but since the medicinal form often has higher levels of CBD and a reduced amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (more commonly known as THC), it can often be much more useful for those who want to use cannabis to help them deal with their health problems.

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THC is the chemical component of cannabis that creates the psychoactive side effects that the plant has become so well known for, and in medical cannabis where there’s a lower percentage of it, there are none of the negative effects that give the plant a bad reputation. This makes it ideal for medicinal purposes.

Can you get cannabis seeds in New Jersey?

While it may be possible to visit a marijuana dispensary to get your medicinal marijuana, you might instead want to consider buying from our range of high-quality seeds instead, as our team here at Farmer’s Lab Seeds not only offer our customers premium weed seeds for a fair price, but also ship to cities across New Jersey. So, whether you’re in Jersey City or Clifton, we’ll be able to send you the products you need.

Where to buy marijuana seeds in New Jersey

Having first legalised the use of medical cannabis in 2010, New Jersey could be set to join the likes of Nevada, California and Colorado in legalizing marijuana and adopting a commercialised cannabis market place in 2020.

Following years of discussions, debates and deliberations, New Jersey voters will finally get their chance to decide cannabis future in the state with a ballot option scheduled for the US elections in November. With public opinion polls suggesting overwhelming support for the initiative, New Jersey residents could get their first taste of legalised cannabis as soon as 2021.

In the mean-time, let´s take a closer look at the existing marijuana laws within the state.

New Jersey Marijuana Laws

While New Jersey residents might have to wait a little bit longer for access to recreational cannabis, medical cannabis has been available in the state since 2012 when former governor, Jon Corzine first signed into law the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA), allowing for safe access to medical cannabis for qualifying patients.

Known as Alternative Treatment Centers, the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened for business in New Jersey in 2012. Since the law was first introduced, medical marijuana has been accessible for medical patients and can be purchased from any state-licensed ATC with a cap on dosages determined by the patient’s physician. The maximum dose is 3 Oz over a 30 day period with each dose sold in 7-gram denominations.

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Newark, New Jersey is known for a variety of interesting attractions and things to do, and now you can get the best cannabis seeds in Newark, NJ from Mosca Seeds. Newark was founded in 1666 by Puritans, is one of the oldest cities in the country and is the largest city in the Garden State. Newark is divided into five sections; North, South, East, West and Central, and the city serves as a hub for the Port of New Jersey and New York located at the mouth of the Passaic River.

Newark is a true melting pot of diverse art, and culture with one of the largest collections of Tibetan art found outside of Southeast Asia. Newark offers many unique attractions such as Shaquille O’Neal’s supersized cinema and one of the country’s highest grossing arenas. Enjoy many restaurants in Newark with authentic flavors from around the world, located just eight miles away from New York City. Peak your appetite with some fine cannabis before hitting the food scene and accentuate those flavors even more.

Is Marijuana Legal in Newark, NJ?

The state of New Jersey recently joined a long list of other states in legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use and decriminalizing possession of cannabis. New Jersey legalized medical marijuana in 2010 and then 10 years later, 65% of voters voted to legalize recreational adult use marijuana in late 2020. Whether you are seeking medicinal benefits such as relief from chronic pain and anxiety or are a longtime lover of cannabis and the relaxation benefits it provides, you need high-quality cannabis seeds to produce the beautiful flower and buds you desire.

With recent legalization of recreational marijuana New Jersey, legislators will be overhauling laws on drug prohibition and criminalization. Two different bills include one aimed at establishing the marijuana industry in New Jersey and another to decriminalize marijuana possession, making it now legal to possess up to 6 ounces of marijuana.

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Currently it is not legal for consumers to grow marijuana although 37 new licenses are being issued for growing cannabis during the first couple of years of recreational legalization. Residents of New Jersey can purchase marijuana from licensed dispensaries with a valid ID and paying a 7% state sales tax, and an additional 2% municipal tax, all of which goes towards education, restorative healthcare and legal aid programs in minority communities affected by the drug war, including some of New Jersey’s largest cities, like Newark, New Brunswick and Jersey City as well as smaller cities like Bridgeton in South Jersey and Salem City.

It is always legal to ship cannabis seeds and Mosca Seeds offers high-quality cannabis seeds ready to ship to all 50 states. There will be a lot more growing of marijuana in New Jersey with dispensaries first making sure they can keep up with the medical need and then fulfilling the recreational demand. When you want to buy cannabis seeds in Newark, New Jersey, choose Mosca Seeds as your number one source of weed seeds online.

It is easy to peruse our authorized seed bank and see why Mosca Seeds is recognized nationally and internationally as offering the highest in quality cannabis seeds with many cannabis cup awards. We specialize in quality seed genetics and best growing practices, winning awards such as first place cannabis cups in Amsterdam and Europe and the 4/20 High Times Cup in Sacramento.

Mosca Seeds offers premium cannabis seeds cultivated with quality seed genetics and best growing practices to ensure your success and total satisfaction. We offer a wide selection of auto flowering and feminized seeds and regular seeds in various strains including tried and true favorites as well as exciting new drops. Check out the Seed Bazaar and find your favorite cannabis seeds in Newark, NJ.

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