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The Marathon OG Strain Is A Hand-Picked Cultivar By Nipsey Hussle Himself

The Marathon OG strain, or “Marathon Kush” is the indica-dominant hybrid chosen by the late Nipsey Hussle himself. With the name coming from his series of mixtapes and eventually becoming his credo, it has several implications.

You could say this is the perfect cannabis to smoke if you’re a hustler, because after a long day it may blast you with its OG Kush heritage. It may also be the kind of cannabis you smoke on all day to potentially lift your spirits and take the edge off.

California’s The Cure Company came together with Nipsey to produce this exclusive and potent strain fit for a hip-hop king. This strain features a robust terpene profile that will hit you with a bit of earthy, lemony spice before a musky, gassy resolve. The effects may be felt almost immediately, as the high may wrap around your head and spread to your ligaments. A subtle uplifting build may occur, leading to a certain level of mental energy and focus.

Marathon OG

Looking at a nug of this strain, you can tell it means business. Strong, vibrant coloration lights up the nug. With a THC percentage typically over 20%, you’ll notice a generous coating of trichomes across its surface. With yellow-green leaves and electric orange pistils, the Marathon OG strain is quite aesthetically pleasing. Breaking open a nug, you’ll get a crazy blast of iconic lemony and clove-like aromas. You’ll also see a slightly darker coloration on the foliage, with gorgeous caverns of crystals.

This strain hits hard and doesn’t ask questions. It may be the perfect tool for encouraging rest, relieving pain, and heady cerebral uplifting. Even the professional stoner may quickly feel the onset of these effects. Get ready for a potential full-body melt at the end that may make the day of hustling a little less physically strenuous. If you’re looking for the Marathon OG strain in Los Angeles, City Compassionate Caregivers is the retail-arm of The Cure Company, and always has it on their shelves.

The Marathon OG strain, or “Marathon Kush” is the indica-dominant hybrid chosen by the late Nipsey Hussle himself in collaboration with The Cure Company.