mama mia strain

Mama mia strain

Fusedtoglass, outdoor as well (posted pics) and you’re spot on about heft and resin. You make me want to make some brownies. This is some sticky, skunky, savory tasting smoke. With a wonderful body numbing stoning, which actually slowly creeps through you after smoking enough. If I remember correctly it has very close genetics with LSD, Another winner.

Taste as good as it looks, with a huge skunky taste and after taste of gasoline, its a real party in the mouth. Even if it is a indica dominent, i find it has lots of sativa effect, as of creativity and uplifting buzz. And gives you crazy munchies. Best strain i tasted in a long time.

I just uploaded some photo so look for those. The first year I grew it it came out fantastic smells great as described as advertised. It’s a shorter plant it doesn’t get much more than perhaps 3 and 1/2 to 4 feet high I have one that’s medium-sized and I have another one that’s probably 4 ft across I put them in very late in June. I grew this last year so I estimate this year is about 3/4 to a pound per plant I’m growing outdoor and my soil and growing conditions are optimal lucky me! I did an extraction on this plant last year it turned out to be the best oil out of everything I did and with an unbelievable 20% return. It’s highly resinous, And quite strong at 18%. As an edible it’s crazy strong you get a 4 to 6 hr ride. Too much and you’ll be high for days,yes thats from experience. I find it easy to grow the buds get heavy, needs support in September

Got some in Tacoma while visiting from the East Coast. I’m a big fan of afghan land races and ones with Mazar in it are always solid. Fruity smell similar to purple punch etc and similar purple coloring. Smokes nice and tastes great. The high is great for doing yoga or deep thinking.

This strain is beautiful. Picked it up locally here in Lawton, Oklahoma. I have fibromyalgia so this not only put me in a lifted, great mood, also helped tremendously with pain! ?

Mamma Mia is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a potent cross of Early Skunk X Mazari Sharif. Although it's a hard one to come by, Mamma Mia is one sweet tasting lady with a great combination of effects. The high hits with an almost immediate energetic lift that boosts your mood …