malawi strain

Malawi strain

I just harvested this cultivar last week. An almost trouble-free plant. grown outdoors at 5000 feet elevation, in the great basin area of the western US. The plant was grown in living soil in a 5 gal. nursery pot and topped once. It started flowering in mid-July, with daytime temperatures in the mid/high 90’s and nighttime temperatures in the mid/low 40’s, with a relative humidity of 10%. Long and dense buds, with a big, stretch period for the first 4 weeks. At week 6 I could almost watch the flowers gain bulk. I rolled up a fatty earlier today, and the high is top-notch if a bit trippy. I would not recommend this strain to someone new to cannabis, as it kicked my ass, and I’m a grizzled cannabis veteran. I grow several landrace cultivars, both Sativa and Indica and this was the easiest/quickest so far.

Malawi is a pure sativa strain and it is not to be underestimated. The strain originates from Southeast Africa and is incredibly potent for even the most experienced of cannabis users. The buds are covered with resins and are longer in comparison to any other sativa dominant strain. But there is …