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Expert Mac1 (Expert Seeds) feminized

Expert Mac1 by Expert Seeds is a hybrid that impresses with sky-high THC levels and a balanced effect. Take a puff, and she will have your mind soaring high at first, before pulling you down to Earth again so you can enjoy deep, full-body relaxation. An eclectic blend of flavours in a rich smoke comes as an added bonus!

Expert Mac1 (Expert Seeds) feminized
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Expert Seeds – Expert Mac1: Potent, Balanced, Flavourful

Expert Mac1 is a 4-way strain that Expert Seeds bred from Colombian, Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Bruce Banner. The resulting hybrid displays a perfect balance of indica and sativa traits, and is easygoing in the grow room.

Expert Mac1 does well in all kinds of growing environments, which means you can plant your seeds indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. She doesn’t get too tall (90–180cm) unless you grow her in the ground, where you can expect the largest plants. Indoor yields are pretty good, with as much as 550g/m² possible in optimal conditions. If you grow outdoors, you can look forward to as much as 350g from each plant. Her flowering time is a short 8–9 weeks.

When it comes to the final product, Expert Mac1 doesn’t disappoint. Measuring in with THC levels reaching 23%, this is a mightily potent smoke. Yet, what sets Mac1 apart from many other strains is her balanced effect. She starts you off with a soaring sativa high that will energise you and put you in a happy mood. After a short while, her indica side comes to the fore, and deep waves of relaxation will caress your body from head to toe. Fruity citrus flavours with a hint of diesel come together in a rich and very enjoyable smoke.

Expert Mac1 by Expert Seeds is a massively potent hybrid that rewards with a balanced effect and a rich flavour profile. Get the seeds at Zamnesia.