lions milk strain

Lion’s Milk (Strain Review)

This cannabis flower was purchased in a pre-roll from Next Level Wellness in Eugene, OR during mid-May 2020

What we know: There’s actually a fair amount of stuff out on this strain. The breeder says it is a “limited edition remix” of Tiger’s Milk (Bubba Kush x Appalachia). All of the reviews pretty much say that it starts out uplifting and trippy, and then puts you to sleep. I found this to be accurate.

First Dose: Small dose (.04g smoked in a glass pipe – about one solid hit, held in for 5 seconds)
About four minutes in, things start looking shiny as my mind starts feeling stimulated and invigorated. A few minutes later I have a nice body glow and I’m in a stimulated state and things are sorta trippy. I can easily zone out looking at a picture of flowers and watch things morph. It’s nice though, my brain still feels calm and focused. I’m just very “activated”. I’m craving mental stimulation and feel very tempted to dive into an episode of Westworld. Or maybe The Expanse. Something about this state of mind makes me crave sci-fi. I make do with some Pawn Stars, which I am fully captivated by. At 20 minutes in, I get up and do some small tasks. My mind is pretty clear and alert and my body is pretty relaxed.

At around 35 minutes I start getting some body expansion as the trippy factor increases slightly. Whoa, this stuff is pretty strong, fully enveloping mind and body. I let out a yawn and get an urge to sit down. Music sounds great. I let out another yawn as I start getting drowsy. Whoa, this stuff is definitely interesting. Based on this state, I would save it for the night-time. I’m not sure if I’m crashing or if the effects are changing. I let out a couple HUGE yawns. I normally don’t yawn like that. Weird. I get the urge to eat a bit of candy and it’s fun. Haribo gummi candy freakin rocks. Water is delicious too. I’m a bit more perked up now. I think I did just experience a crash and I am somewhat back to normal, but things still look shiny. My body feels pretty heavy and I really don’t want to get up . At the hour mark my head is a bit woozy I’m kind of ready to pass out. Though I am a bit curious about taking another hit just to see what it would feel like. Something about this stuff is intriguing…

I take another small hit, and a few minutes later I am infused with the energy and motivation to get up and brush my teeth and do a couple other small tasks. It really is cool how this stuff perks you up. I really enjoyed brushing too. I got into it. I was ready to pass out a few minutes ago but now I want to do stuff/watch stuff. I’m still pretty damn mellow. Whoa I space out hard and things are definitely trippy. I feel tingles all over my whole body. This stuff is strange but fun. It would be great in a beautiful natural setting, as long as you have a place to rest. About 20 minutes after the second hit I get woozy again and feel the call of my bed, where I crashed hard.

Final thoughts: Strains like this make me appreciate the wide spectrum of cannabis out there, and how certain strains can be good for specific activities. I really did feel stimulated in the beginning, and then suddenly I was letting out some of the biggest yawns ever.

This strain seems almost uniquely suited to enhance watching TV/listening to music before going to bed. And since that is a frequent activity of mine, I will probably buy some more of it. Actually it is probably one of the most effective sleep strains I have come across. You just take a little detour first.

Lion's Milk gives an uplifted cerebral and trippy buzz before putting your ass to sleep. It's kinda weird and kinda cool.