lime cookies strain

Lime cookies strain

Key Lime Pie Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
THC: 22%

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This flower DOES taste as good as it looks. Makes me very forgetful tho. OMG

Had it had a Cannaclear distillate cart, definitely subtle head space stuff, relaxation of mood and aches that come with a long day of work or play. ideal for middle or end of day.

In my opinion, Key Lime Pie is horrible. I see reviews on this site talking about it being okay. It affects me in a negative way. Now, I am talking about the PUFF Hybrid, so all I want to say is it makes me feel borderline; like I’m not going to feel well for the rest of the day type of thing. Decide for yourself, beware. Not all cannabis is created equal.

Nice Sweet Lime & Citrus taste. Smooth not harsh. A strong Indica Dom I’ll get it again

Sweet taste and slow and strong high

Key lime pie is nearly distinct from GSC in almost every way, but both phenotypes are incredibly powerful and tasty. Compared to normal GSC, key lime pie tends to be more body heavy, but still presents a wonderful mental high that is perfect for relieving stress and anxiety. The high is perfect for new users, medical users, and seasoned veterans depending on the dose. The buds express both dark and light greens, yellows, and silvers and are covered in beautiful orange hairs. They smell very very sweet, almost like cookies, while having a powerful fuely citrus undertone. The smoke is very thick and tasty, and the terpenes coat the mouth with sweet, cookie and citrus flavors. This strain is a choice smoke for a dry herb vape as well. Key lime pie is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs with it’s full-bodied, sweet and slightly pungent terpenes. It also makes a great smoke for new users as it’s not overly heavy despite being very strong. Key lime pie will send your anxiety running for the door as well, and is an amazing strain to use to unwind at the end of the day.

Key Lime Pie is just as tasty as it sounds! This indica dominant hybrid (75% indica/25% sativa) strain is a phenotype of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain and boasts a moderate THC level f 19-22%. Smoking Key Lime Pie will give you an intense onset of feeling stoned followed by a mellow,…