lemon skunk strain

Lemon skunk strain

Lemon Skunk Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
THC: 15% – 22%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

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Lemon Skunk us everything its described as. its amazing! The taste smell and high is phenomenal! Highly recommend this to all sativa or SDH conissuers! Grade A+!

SunMed has it at 28% really good. def re-up

Smells nothing like skunk. Smells like lemon custard/candy, somewhat similar to blackberry kush (but s lemony version). A dessert type of smell. The high is similar to black berry kush. Very pretty frosty flower but the effects were unsatisfying for me and the flavor was “ok” vaped but god smoking lemony flavored weed like this tastes dreadful. Like burnt lemons. Gassy or berry flavors carry into the smoke way more. Vape it or low temp dab it. This is for light sativa people only. Jack is heavier.

This is a keeper! when people talk about taste, they say citrus, skunk, gas, cheese, etc. I’ve been smoking for over 45 years, and there is that one taste that I have found GUARANTEES that you will get really stoned. I refer to it as the ‘piss on the fire’ taste, and this one has it all the way. Gets you really high, and it lasts a long time. What more can you ask?

Any folks that really know their bad smelling strains and how good they are might appreciate this : Jar smell it super skunky, and it smells like someone threw up Mike’s hard lemonade and fresh sicilian pizza right on a pile of skunk buttholes. if you know your smells this will tell you it is very potent . And it is at t31. as effects go stay small and it really is a nice comfy uplifting and happy strain. Treat yourself to the putrid smell. It is so good . I love gas and skunk so this was great.. I bet this would be superb for indoor games- shuffleboard, chess, intense rpg, probably great for sex too lol.

1242 here pick this as a favorite strain. Do not care what type it is, mmmm mmmm good give me more! I heard recently that the lemon flavor and aroma may actually call down some of the effects of the THC. I drink lemonade and eat chocolate with it when I am smoking it up. I also ate a kiwi with it one night, and not sure what happened, but whatever it was, it was good.

With THC levels that reach 22% in some tests, this is a very potent sativa-heavy hybrid. Lemon Skunk, which has a sativa/indica ratio of 60:40, is the award-winning descendant of two distinct Skunk phenotypes that were selected specifically for their tangy lemon traits. The aroma is Skunky and sw…