la cookies strain

LA Cookies

LA Affie and Girl Scout Cookies were crossed to create a new feminized indica/sativa hybrid with a short flowering time

LA Cookies demonstrates mostly indica characteristics. It has a short size and a quick growth. The flowering takes 55-65 days and the harvest brigs medium yields of 200-275 g/m2. The plant suits for cultivation indoor, outdoor and in greenhouses.

The smoke offers a more hashy taste and stronger notes due to the Afghani.

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:muscle:Was fighting high humidity at the end had some BUD ROT I caught it early and have remedied the RH issues. The 2 that made it and did not Hermie could not be more different one Sativa dominate and the other Indica have some nice colas and a ton of popcorn buds but they are rock hard.

2lbs 2oz wet with the lumber. I am going to test the THC in it as well and post the video. Bubble bagged the popcorn and trim got 9 grams of hash all together see pics. and this strain did not disappoint in strength 18.2% THC not lab tested but pretty close with my Tcheck device. 13 oz. of buds, wow are they smelly. I have more genetics from The Cali Connection “Blue Dream Haze” will be the next grow. Smoking this strain is very reminiscent of hot knifing hash in high school, the flush and drying I’m happy with as the ash goes white the smell out of the jar is a strong skunk/diesel aroma that lasts forever it seems. It hits smooth not a lot of tastes on the front end, upon exhale the hash notes are very dominant with subtle herbal/citrus notes and the thickets whitest smoke I have seen. burns well in a bowl. The first hit was a super charge with some 73 bubble hash crumble and the buzz was good have some visine eye drops your eye will be dry. strong head high mild body good for early evening after dinner helps my acid reflux and sleep woke up fresh as a daisy. If you like the Hash vibe or making bubble this is a good strain for you. cheers

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