kush sorbet strain

The Delightfully Sweet Kush Sorbet Strain Packs A Powerful High That May Be Enlightening

The Kush Sorbet strain is another wild invention from the Jungle Boys. They took the Sunset Sherbet from Sherbinski and crossed it with Triangle Kush to create a monstrously flavorful cultivar. It has a complex terpene profile that complements many flavors passed down from its parents. It also carries high THC percentages (usually around 22%.) The Kush Sorbet strain packs a punch that may leave your head in the clouds.

Looking at a nug, it has some gelato-looking qualities. Dark, purple-ish foliage interwoven with earthy green highlights. Menacingly dark orange pistils poke out amidst a resiny coating of trichomes that may make your mouth water. The Kush Sorbet strain definitely has the looks of a fancy dessert, enticing you in with its palpably sweet and diesel aromas. The nugs are considerably dense, but slightly fluffy and easier to break apart than you’d expect.

This 80/20 indica comes with a myriad of flavors, many of which seem to come from its Sunset Sherbet parents. You’ll pick up pleasantly sweet and doughy notes that are met with a gassy stench that gives you an idea of the terpenes. Judging from its parents, it’s safe to infer that there’s probably a strong presence of limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene.

Kush Sorbet #2 by Jungle Boys

The stimulating effects of the limonene in tandem with the potent THC levels may explain why some users claim this strain can potentially uplift, engage, and de-stress your mind and body. The diesel notes may come from the beta-caryophyllene, which may also lend to the melty high that might take over after the initial high plateaus in your brain.

The myrcene mixes well with the limonene to create the strong, lemony-sweet stench that this strain may reek of. Myrcene is also a terpene known to potentially induce true calmness and relaxation. The Kush Sorbet strain may be perfect for finding that last bit of creative juices before succumbing to a well-deserved rest.

Other strains featuring lemony sweetness: Lemon Tree, Orange Mints, Florida Cake, MAC 1.

The Jungle Boys crossed Sunset Sherbet and crossed it with Triangle Kush to create a monstrously flavorful cultivar in the Kush Sorbet strain.