king louis og strain

King louis og strain

King Louis Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 23%

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Love this strain. Puts Covid 19 on the back burner right quick! Not as strong in flavour as I expected, but definitely feel the high almost immediately. Nice happy, relaxed in mind and body high. Going on the list of will get again.

Nice dense fog and numerous munchie trips to the kitchen in between serious couch lock. Youngstown Ohio says all hail the King!

Seen this around for years got it and oil by kushie! I’m not a fan of indicas but this one is very potent has a very spicy taste I’ve had it by pure one oil, and it is very weak but the effects for relaxing as they of course are on this one they will blow you away if you take a couple hits your okay smoke more than that and you’re going to take a nap so I’m giving a 5-star for potency I’m a sativa fan but it’s very relaxing and does have a little lift to it I waited years to try it and it’s really good if you can’t get sleeping need to eat and it does definitely fade you! 😇

Just the tiniest bit with barely a pouf of smoke exhaled from your lungs is all it takes. for me anyway. Bye bye, anxiety. No drowisness and everything is a little bit hilarious. I also have the best poker face as indicted by my massive win, using this strain. Too much and it will turn on you.

King Louis is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis, whose genetics are not known yet. It produces sticky looking dark brown and green colored buds. King Louis is a very potent strain with a THC level of around 23.04 percent. It has a very strong and calming high that relaxes you and makes you feel …