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Kings Kush

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King’s Kush seeds grow into remarkably beautiful cannabis plants. It resembles many of its Kush siblings, but gets purple veins and a sweetness typical of the Grape Ape Strain. Our seeds are perfect for indoor growing – short, bushy, and very dense. The leaves are thick, overlapping and dark green, with shades of purple appearing regularly even with no cold temperatures. The marijuana buds form in a round shape, with irregular calyx formation and oversized calyxes shooting out of the regular bud profile. Branching is very uniform, with short and sturdy internodes. Sometimes it is necessary to remove some sets of branches to allow more light and air to reach the inner areas of the plant. Strong characteristics also allow this cannabis variety to be grow n outdoors in most areas.

Facts about the Kings Kush Strain:
The smell of this Kush is very intense, and almost tangy. It reminds us of lavender, grape and musk.
The taste is somehow rougher than the smell, very similar to the OG Kush but with a hint of grape and berries in the background.
The production is achieved already in the 8th week but the full resin development needs a little longer.

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10 Seeds = $85
Type: Indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 420 – 460 grams / squared meter
Height: 75 to 95 cm
Flowering period: 8 to 9 weeks

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